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Y2K and Millennial Pinball:

How Y2K Shapes Survivalism in the US Christian Right,
Patriot and Armed Militia Movements, and Far Right

by Chip Berlet

A paper for the December 6-8, 1998 conference of the
Center for Millennial Studies at Boston University

This is a work in progress,
converting a verbal outline presentation into a text article.
Some sections are unfinished

Presented 12/8/98

Revised 1/26/99

The Prime Commandment!

-- "Barefoot" Bob Hardison, Freeman

"...New Age Prophets, Fundamentalist Christians and Agnostic Computer Geeks actually agree on something! That 11:59PM, December 31, 1999 is a point beyond which mankind will lose control of its destiny and become completely dependent on the unknown. That's all the convincing we will do. This site is designed for those who are already taking the Y2K issue very seriously."

-- The Y2K Storm Watch

Biblical and secular apocalyptic expectation is increasing with the approach of the calendar year 2000; and it is combining with fears that the Y2K computer bug will result in widespread societal chaos--which in turn leads people toward survivalism

Survivalist preparation keyed to the year 2000 and especially the Y2K bug is happening not only in the Patriot and armed militia movements, but also in the more moderate Christian Right and the more zealous Far Right. Within each of these political sectors are distinct subcultures with a variety of expectations, strategies, and methodologies

This paper extends the work of Philip Lamy in his book: Millennium Rage: Survivalists, White Supremacists, and the Doomsday Prophecy.1 The confluence discussed here was predicted by Charles Cameron in his essay "Apocalyptic: a hidden dimension to the Y2K problem."2 In the course of research I swapped information with Mark Potok at the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). See the excellent article in the Fall 1998 (#92) issue of SPLCs Intelligence Report.3 What Lamy and Cameron predicted is indeed coming true. To a certain extent, my research has proved the obvious, but the research demonstrates that what seemed obvious to many of us also turned out to be true, which is not always the case, so the effort was worthwhile. To investigate this phenomenon I read books and magazines, reviewed direct mail, attended workshops, viewed vidoeotapes, and surfed websites

Y2K and Millennial Expectation

Fear that the Y2K computer bug will cause societal chaos clearly is generating apocalyptic expectation. It is also clear that Y2K fears are focusing and funneling the activity of groups and individuals with pre-existing apocalyptic belief systems

As Charles Cameron explained:

People who are inclined to think in "apocalyptic" terms will "read" coverage of the computer 2000 problem as another "sign of the times" -- further proof of whatever millennial expectations and anxieties they may harbor.4

In some cases the apocalyptic interpretation of Y2K overlapped with Christian Biblical millennial expectation, and in some cases the narratives are secular

What Y2K provides in this milieu is date-setting with plausible deniability. With Y2K independently setting a date, persons with pre-existing apocalyptic expectation could point to the approaching date as corroboration of their beliefs, argue that accelerated expectation and preparation was appropriate, and yet have a backdoor to ease through in case nothing major happens

The common thread was survivalism. You may believe that in 2000 a New World Order will be imposed and ruled by Satan, or that an economic collapse will be caused by Jews, or that secret elites are hiding the fact that Y2K will trigger a nuclear meltdown. No matter what the feared outcomes or the suspected villains, you can find common ground with other survivalists in practical discussions about what water filter has the best combination of protection and flow rate. A good example of this is the Preparedness Expo '98," where survivalism, Y2K fears, and "right-wing propaganda" merge in an event described by Karen Olsson, in the The Texas Observer as "Fear and Flatulence in Mesquite."5

Once in the survivalist stewpot, persons with a wide variety of beliefs cross reference each other in print, on tape, and on the web, and also cross recruit each other

The process works like a millennial pinball machine

Y2K Millennial Pinball

A person with a pre-existing apocalyptic worldview enters at the top with an ideological outlook in which are already embedded theories about possible outcomes, and a list of suspected villains

Feared Outcomes

The feared outcomes are part of an apocalyptic narrative cobbled together from stories, texts, ideas, and metaphors in the society. There are an infinite number of feared outcomes, and this list merely highlights some with popular followings today

Suspected Villains

These suspected villains are scapegoats--demonized by narratives about how they are conspiring against the common good. There are an infinite number of suspected villains, and this list merely highlights some with popular followings today

Y2K Funnel

Carrying this package of feared outcomes and suspected villains a person approaches the calendar year 2000 date event horizon. At these point the fears are funneled and focused by the Y2K bug

Y2K Furnace

Since the Y2K bug sets a date, it heats up expectation

Refractory Effect

Accelerated by the heat of the Y2K furnace, persons heading into the survivalist stewpot pass through a refractory lens that splits people into a rainbow of methodological strategies

Survivalist Stewpot

Once in the survivalist stewpot, people interact with each other by engaging in dialogs and recruitment attempts

Methodological Outcomes

A person will adopt methodological strategies after processing their beliefs about what outcomes they fear are possible, who they suspect are the villains manipulating world events, and how much chaos they expect when the expected apocalyptic event happens

This model of millennial pinball works for any date around which there is speculation concerning possible apocalyptic meaning. The funnel and furnace effect are triggered when a person crosses the calendar date event horizon

Generic Survivalism

Survivalism is a methodological response to fears of a potential disaster. It can reflect sensible precautions in anticipation of hurricanes or floods, or reflect apocalyptic fears. Given the uncertainty around Y2K, some preparation seems prudent

Survivalism, however, often overlaps with conspiracist worldviews, which are prevalent not only in the patriot/militia movement and the far right, but the Christian Right as well. It is not accurate to assume all survivalists share a specific ideological viewpoint, or that they automatically pose a threat to civil order. Most survivalists are taking defensive precautions. Yet the potential for confrontation exists

There is a large and vibrant survivalist subculture in the US, with both educational and commercial components. A ad in a November 1998 issue of the ultra-conservative Human Events offers preparedness supplies from the American Family Institute which offers "the highest quality dehydrated food storage products."6 The ad asks:

Are You Prepared?
Experts Agree:
The most important preparation anyone can do for the upcoming crises is to obtain a reserve supply of Food and Water!

In each corner of the ad are boxes listing possible crises:

Y2k Millennium Bug
Natural Disasters
Economic Crisis

Patriot movement websites often link to suppliers of survivalist gear. Sam Andy is a supplier of emergency preparedness items with several distributors. One Sam Andy website bills itself as: "The complete food storage, family food reserve system and leading supplier of nitrogen packed dehydrated food."


The site warns that "In emergencies, water is the most important item in survival." Accordingly, item number 001 in the Sam Andy catalog is a lightweight, rust-proof, plastic 30-gallon water storage drum that "looks like a steel drum...to store your life-saving water" priced at $69.95


"Food, heat, lighting, a radio, First Aid and personal needs are your next priorities," explains the text

In the summer of 1998, an article by Miguel Helft in the San Jose Mercury News was among the first to publicly discuss concrete survivalist preparations tied to fears of the Y2K problem.7 One person, Peter Huss, was described as follows:

The 31-year-old computer systems administrator at a small university in northern Michigan is stockpiling food, water, medicine and other basic necessities and readying a family cabin for himself, his wife and his year-old baby. He plans to take his money out of the banking system by August. And he is honing his construction, gardening and landscaping skills

Huss is among a growing number of Americans -- including some tech-savvy Silicon Valley workers -- who have been persuaded by dire predictions that economic collapse and societal chaos are fast approaching

Web rings are related collections of web sites linked together using a common link method. By clicking on the standardized link (text or graphic) the web surfer can jump from site to site in order, jump around the collection, or visit the centralized list of sites that are members of the web ring. The "Personal Y2K Preparedness" web ring lists 163 sites and the "Survival and Preparedness" ring lists 226 sites

Y2K Personal Preparedness Ring -- http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=y2kppr;list

Survival Ring - Survival and Preparedness - http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=SurvivalRing;list

Christian Fundamentalists

Prophecy belief is widespread in the US. Philip Lamy reports that during the Gulf War, 14 percent of one CNN national poll thought it was the beginning of Armageddon, and "American bookstores were experiencing a run on books about prophecy and the end of the world.8 In 1993 a national poll found that 20 percent of those polled thought the second coming of Christ would occur near the year 2000

Among Christians, the questions revolve around eschatological timetables. There are eschatological differences between pre-millennialists and post-millennialists that significantly affect how the Y2K bug is interpreted. For pre-millennialists, a major question whether or not the Y2K problem is a sign of the End Times? If yes, is the Y2K problem related to the Mark of the Beast? No matter what the eschatology, the underlying premise is the same--Y2K has the potential for spawning widespread chaos. This common belief in the need for survivalist-style preparation bridged eschatological debates. Pre-millennialists, post-millennialists, and a-millennialists could interact with secularists in discussions over which water purification filter provided the best value in bacterial protection. As in secular circles, Christian responses range from cautious preparations to doomsday scenarios that have led some to call for rural survivalist retreats.9

At the 1998 Christian Coalition's annual Road to Victory conference, there was a workshop titled "Y2K: Cough or Catastrophe?"10 The workshop leaders were Michael Hyatt, author of The Millennium Bug: How to Survive the Coming Chaos and the Day the World Shut Down, and prominent Lousiana Republican Dr. Billy McCormack of the University Baptist Church.11 It was devoted to outlining the potential seriousness of the problem, then announcing a plan to mobilize churches to provide food, water, shelter, and medical supplies in case the Y2K bug caused widespread societal problems. This mobilization was justified by arguing the anticipation of resulting disruptions was appropriate no matter what the eschatological viewpoint; and that if there was no serious disruption, the supplies could aid the poor. Special emphasis was placed on the obligation to serve the emergency needs of inner city poor people

There was no mention of the end times. This discussion neatly sidestepped the issue of the End Times, while allowing those who believe we are in the End Times to work cooperatively with those who do not

Although Hyatt is seen as a secular expert by the media, in the setting of the Christian Coalition meeting, he argued that spiritual preparation was most important aspect, talked about his work with churches, and cited scripture when asked about the possibility of martial law being imposed due to Y2k. 12

Christian Reconstructionist author Gary North is now a much-quoted expert on the Y2K bug with an extensive home page on the web


North sees much chaos created by Y2K, but as a post-millennialist, North dismisses the link to Christ's imminent return. North's apocalyptic predictions about Y2K and the need for survivalist-style preparations echoes his previous stance on surviving nuclear war during the Reagan years: Arthur Robinson & Gary North, Fighting Chance: Ten Feet to Survival.13 The book featured a shovel, a clock, and the Capitol building on the cover

Some post-millennialists are more in line with the suspicious view Joseph Farah, quoted in the John Birch Society magazine, New American: "Much like the Reichstag fire, could the Millennium Bug provide an ambitious President with an opportunity to seize dictatorial powers?"14 Farah is editor of WorldNetDaily

Most Christians, even those who think the End Times are imminent, do not automatically succumb to demonization, scapegoating, and conspiracist thinking. Yet in the escalating surge of millennial titles, a scary number name the agents of the Antichrist or claim to expose the evil End Times conspiracy: Examples include: Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist; One World Under Antichrist: Globalism, Seducing Spirits and Secrets of the New World Order; Foreshocks of Antichrist; How Democracy Will Elect the Antichrist: The Ultimate Denial of Freedom, Liberty and Justice According to the Bible.15 Several of these titles see computer technology, global communications and the internet as possibly part of the Mark of the Beast system. David Webber's article in Foreshocks of Antichrist is titled "Cyberspace: The Beast's Worldwide Spider Web," and includes a discussion of Y2K where he suggests the fix for Y2K might actually be part of the Beastly conspiracy.16

There is a long history of communication and computer technology being linked to the Mark of the Beast. In the mid-1950s William G. Carr promoted the anti-Semitic variant of End Times conspiracism with books such as Pawns in the Game and Red Fog over America. According to Carr, an age-old Jewish Illuminati banking conspiracy used radio-transmitted mind control on behalf of Lucifer to construct a one world government. The secret nexus of the plot was supposedly the international Bilderberger meetings on banking policy. The anti-Semitic Noontide Press distributed Pawns in the Game for many years.17

The process of prophecy belief triggering apocalyptic demonization and then leading to searches for the Devil's partners is continuously updated. Paul Boyer points out that those seen as the prophesied agents of Satan girding for End Times battle can be foreign or domestic or both. He notes how in prophetic literature the identity of Satan's allies in the Battle of Armageddon has shifted seamlessly over time, circumstance, and political interest from the Soviet Union to Chinese communists, to Islamic militants; and warns of an increasing level of anti-Muslim bigotry in some contemporary apocalyptic subcultures.18

Robert Fuller has looked at the range of current targets:

"Today, fundamentalist Christian writers see the Antichrist in such enemies as the Muslim world, feminism, rock music, and secular humanism. The threat of the Antichrist's imminent takeover of the world's economy has been traced to the formation of the European Economic Community, the Susan B. Anthony dollar...and the introduction of universal product codes."19

Visions of the Satanic Antichrist are common in relatively mainstream sectors of the new Christian Right. Typical of the current apocalyptic genre is a recent mailing from Prophetic Vision, a small international Christian evangelical outreach ministry, reporting that "prophecy is moving so fast" and "the Return of Christ is imminent." The mailing goes on to declare that the Antichrist, "Must be alive today waiting to take control!" and then solicits funds for the "end time harvest."

One segment of the Jeremiah Films series "Pagan Invasion," is titled "Preview of the Antichrist." It is described in an online Christian Right catalog with the following blurb:

According to Ancient Hebrew scriptures, in the last days mankind will urgently seek the security of a one - world government. This global desire for a super leader, who will bring peace and safety to a world in chaos, will ultimately leave the human race vulnerable to the beguiling charm and the most intelligent, powerful, and charismatic person of all history. The Bible calls this man the "anti-christ." Ironically, he will dominate the globe and orchestrate society's ultimate destruction

Chuck Smith and Caryl Matrisciana host this blueprint of apocalyptic events. Interviews with prophecy experts Chuck Missler, Hal Lindsey, and Peter Lalonde explain "why" the world will follow this man into perdition. Must viewing for all who desire a glimpse of the future.20

http://www.churchontheweb.com/bookshop/paganinvasion/8.html [Now offline]

Jeremiah is best known for The Clinton Chronicles, a video distributed widely by Jerry Falwell, which alleges that the President is at the head of a vast murderous conspiracy. The Clinton Chronicles video and the subsequent The Clinton Chronicles book are the work of Jeremiah's Patrick Matrisciana, who is also founder and president of Citizens for Honest Government, a group dedicated to the impeachment of President Clinton.21

Rev. Pat Robertson frequently ties his conspiracist vision to apocalyptic hints that we are in the millennial "End Times," and End Times themes have repeatedly appeared on his "700 Club" television program on his Christian Broadcast Network. On one July 1998 program Robertson hinted that a tsunami in New Guinea coupled with the appearance of asteroids might be linked to Bible prophecy. Just after Christmas, 1994, the program carried a feature on new dollar bill designs being discussed to combat counterfeiting. The newscaster then cited Revelations 13 and suggested that if the Treasury Department put new codes on paper money, it might be the Antichrist's Mark of the Beast, predicted as a sign of the coming End Times. 22 CBN News has an online "Y2K Resource Center."


As of January 11, 1999, there were transcripts of fifteen CBN broadcasts on Y2K and the potential for chaos. Here are the titles:

      • Y2K and Medicine: An Incurable Bug? • Y2K and the Church: • Farmers Prepare for Y2K • Europe Prepares to Battle the Millennium Bug • Breaking the World's Food Chain: Agriculture and Y2K • Surviving the Crisis: How to Prepare For Y2K • Y2K and Medicine: An Incurable Bug? • Senate Committee Holds Special Y2K Hearings • Y2K Blackout? Keeping the Power in America's Power Grid • The Year 2000: A Date With Disaster • Bankers Prepare to Battle the Y2K Bug • Medicare 2000: Dead on Arrival? • IRS 2000: A Time Bomb • Countdown to Chaos: Preparing for 2000 • Battling the Millennium Bug


CBN Ministry has an "End Time Prophecy" conference scheduled for February 25-28, 1999

View conference brochure cover

Midnight Call ministries has a prophecy conference scheduled for April 19-20, 1999


Jerry Falwell is distributing a videotape titled "Y2K: A Christian's Guide to the Millennium Bug."


Christian financial counselor Larry Burkett writes novels about apocalyptic confrontations between corrupt and subversive government officials and Christians who form armed underground cells with their liberty-loving allies to resist the tyranny.23 His titles include the 1991 The Illuminati: A Novel, and the 1996 The Thor Conspiracy; The Seventy-Hour Countdown to Disaster," Burkett runs Christian Financial Concepts which has an extensive collection of Y2K advice web pages

http://www.cfcministry.org/library/Y2K/index.htm [Broken]

Burkett also is involved with The Joseph Project which lists over thirty chapters in twenty states as of mid-January 1999



The Joseph Project 2000 seeks to prevent and respond to the potential impacts of the Year 2000 computer problem in a biblically balanced and manner, honoring and glorifying God in all we do


To express our love for God and our neighbor becoming servant leaders in our communities through The Joseph Project 2000, assisting in readying homes, hurches, businesses, and organizations in Y2K preparedness

Board of Reference:

    • Larry Burkett, Founder & President Christian Financial Concepts
    • Ron Blue, Founder & President Ronald Blue & Company
    • Mike & Cindy Jacobs, Co-founders & Presidents Generals of Intercession
    • Tom Mason, Executive Vice-President Focus on the Family
    • Bill McCartney, Founder & President Promise Keepers


Some Christians oppose such efforts. Among the more obscure are Tim and Barb Aho, who are much further along the apocalyptic conspiracist trail, tracking issues "related to the One World Religion and the New World Order."



There is no minor hysteria building within the Discernment ministries over issues such as the national I.D., fingerprinting, Smart cards, and the Millennium Bug (Y2K)

This Aho text was originally found on an another unusual conspiracy-mongering page, Balaam's Ass Speaks Journal


Balaam's Ass Speaks Journal seems to promote Christian outreach to Muslims along with anti-Muslim, anti-Catholic bigotry, conspiracism, and Y2K warnings from a Protestant born-again perspective. The writer, despite Dutch, Irish, German, and Cherokee heritage, calls himself an African-American because he has lived in a US African-American neighborhood and in Africa after his missionary parents moved there. This is a truly exotic website


Exegesis combines Christian theological argument with apocalyptic conspiracist theories and ultra-conservative politics


One on day it linked to a Western Journalism Center's WorldNetDaily article (by David M. Bresnahan of http://talkusa.com claiming to reveal National Guard plans for Y2K

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
The Y2K threat
to communication
National Guard, utilities make preparations


Another Survivalist web ring member is Noah's Ark


which claims "156674 visitors since 11 July 1998."

Geophysics and prophesy combine to indicate what's coming. Extensive Emergency Preparedness information and 1000+ member global Community Database available to all who wish to join

Millennium Ark provides links to "Key Prophetic Sites."

      • Basic Training Bible Ministries - Australia • Bible Believers • Jack Van Impe International • The Jeremiah Project • Zola Levitt Presents • Prophecy in the News • Prophecy and Current Events • Lambert T. Dolphin's Philosophical Links • Reverend David Wilkerson


Jack Van Impe (rhymes with skimpy) has a weekly TV program where he interprets Biblical prophecy. In October and November of 1998 van Impe discussed Y2K at length on several programs. His ministry also maintains a web page. As the year 2000 approaches, his belief that the apocalypse is near has heated up. Here are some selections from his "FAQ" or Frequently Asked Questions section that show his millennial expectation:

This is why I believe the Tribulation hour is so near. Observing the present Middle East movements and confrontations, one realizes that the greatest war in the annals of history will take place in this area -- just as the Bible predicts! The hour is late. Earth's judgment is soon to begin, and Christ may call His children home at any moment. Praise God, the Church will not go through the Tribulation!


Do you believe the Antichrist could make his appearance in the near future?

Yes, because this leader of the ten western nations sits down with Israel at a peace table when Israel signs contracts with many nations (see Daniel 9:27). For 2,500 years, there was no nation called Israel -- not until 1948, when she raised up the six-pointed star of David. From 1948 until 1979, Israel was in a constant state of military preparedness for war. Not until 1979 was she willing to make her first concession and actually sign a peace treaty with another nation. Then on Monday, March 26, 1979, Israel and Egypt signed their historic pact. This contract, however, was neither the sign nor its fulfillment because it lacked basic ingredients. The contract spoken of in Daniel 9:27 must be signed in the presence of the western leader (the Antichrist) and with many nations. However, the 1979 contract with Egypt was a beginning. I repeat, Israel could not sign peace contracts in 1947 because there was no nation called Israel


The Jeremiah Project is another link from the Millennium Ark. It has an apocalyptic focus:

The situation in America today is similar and deteriorating rapidly. Your churches are weak and vacillating - few take seriously the Word of God. You take from Scripture what you feel comfortable with - that which fits your preconceived ideas, and ignore the rest

But, be warned, wherever the Word of God is hidden or ignored, there will be certain destruction. Partly because the priests in Israel had failed to teach God's Word to the people, Israel suffered. There was no faithfulness, no love, and no acknowledgment of God in the land. Rather there was only cursing, lying, murder, stealing and adultery

Like in ancient Israel, America today is guilty of forsaking God and attempting to create your own paths to heaven with broken cisterns. Few of you know what truth is anymore replacing fact with feeling on the altar of relativism and ridiculing anyone who claims to have truth. Your consciences have been seared and like the brazen prostitute; you refuse to blush with shame

The Jeremiah Project is a response to the "famine in our land of hearing the words of the Lord" - Amos 8:11

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked

A man reaps what he sows


The Jeremiah Project has discussions of "Signs of the Last Days" and the "New World Order," and the "Year 2000 Crisis." The discussion of Y2K is rooted in Biblical prophecy and other scripture

What is the Y2K Problem? What are its implications?

Knowledge and preparation may be the wisest course we could take right now. We should all become educated about the problem and potential results. With that knowledge we can better prepare for what might happen and ready ourselves to weather the storm

Now listen, you rich people, weep and wail because of the misery that is coming upon you. Your wealth has rotted, and moths have eaten your clothes. Your gold and silver are corroded. Their corrosion will testify against you and eat your flesh like fire. You have hoarded wealth in the last days. - James 5:1-3

There are those who say that Y2K is a myth fueled by allot of misinformation, hype, fear mongering, and exaggeration. They say there will be no problems and the issue would go away if people would just stop talking about it. We'll know shortly if they are right

Go to the ant, you lazybones; consider its ways, and be wise. Without having any chief or officer or ruler, it prepares its food in summer, and gathers its sustenance in harvest. How long will you lie there, O lazybones? When will you rise from your sleep? A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, and poverty will come upon you like a robber, and want, like an armed warrior. - Proverbs 6:6-11

Knowledge and preparation are critical to how you will fare in the year 2000. I am not crying "The sky is falling," but would only say to understand what is going on and prayerfully prepare in the way the Lord leads you. Those who are prepared are the ones that ride out the storms, whether they be hurricanes, earthquakes, or Y2K

We would do well to remember too the admonition of our Lord who told us in Matthew 25:31-46 that when we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, and care for the sick, we are in reality doing it to Him

How does God's love abide in anyone who has the world's goods and sees a brother or sister in need and yet refuses help? Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. - John 3:17-18

Regardless of the impact of Y2K, what is most important is that people have hope. Jesus said in John 6:35, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty." While the worries of this life (personal survival, health, housing, food, family, etc.) may seem important, what is more important is our spiritual condition

For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life? Or what will they give in return for their life? - Matthew 16:25-26

In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being well-fed and of going hungry, of having plenty and of being in need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me. - Phillipians 4:12-13


A sublink from the main page is "High Crimes and Misdemeanors."


This page holds many links to discussions of alleged criminal behavior by President William Clinton. A further sublink from the High Crimes and Misdemeanors page purports to list the Clinton Casualties:

A "Casualty" is defined as anyone threatened with harm or actually harmed because of their knowledge of and/or involvement in one or more of the Clinton Scandals

The following is a partial list of a large number of persons who who are presumed to be "Casualties" of the various Clinton scandals. President Clinton has told political supporters in Arkansas he will devote a lot of time going after detractors who pursued him on Whitewater and other ethical questions. (USA Today, November 8, 1996). It is a partial list because new addditions are added regularly and the full extent of being associated with Bill Clinton is not completly known

The accounting of these mysterious deaths began in 1994 when in a letter to congressional leaders, former Rep. William Dannemeyer listed 24 people with some connection to Clinton who had died "under other than natural circumstances" and called for hearings on the matter. Dannemeyer's list of "suspicious deaths" was largely taken from one compiled by Linda Thompson, an Indianapolis lawyer, containing the names of 34 people she believed died suspiciously and who had ties to the Clinton family

Some of the "Casualties" were openly murdered, but many were killed in such a way so that their deaths could be ruled accidents or suicides. This was especially true if they died in Arkansas where the medical examiners routinely rule apparent murders as either accidents or suicides when it suits political purposes. In fact, this is so common that it is often referred to as "Arkancide" or "Arkansas Suicide"


Another sublink from the High Crimes and Misdemeanors page is a page about The Feminist Movement:

The spirit of radical feminism is the spirit of witchcraft and rebellion, the spirit manifested in Jezebel. It is the spirit which rejects God's lawful order and authority and tries to usurp that authority to itself, as did Eve in the Garden of Eden


      Catholic Hard Right

A hard right Catholic publication with apocalyptic themes is the Michael Journal, which includes conspiracist articles about the parasitic nature of financial elites that reflect historic anti-Semitic themes. Michael Journal celebrates the memory of Father Coughlin, the Catholic priest whose national radio programs in the 1930s moved from labor populism to anti-Semitism and eventually to fascist-style demagoguery. Coughlin is described as a man "Who courageously denounced the bankers' debt-money system." According to the Michael Journal, "The Illuminati are elite men, those on the top, who control the International Bankers to control, for evil purposes, the entire world." Followers of the Michael Journal lobbied against the Massachusetts seat belt law, believing it was a collectivist step toward Satanic One World Government. The newspaper featured an article titled "The Beast of the Apocalypse: 666" which proclaimed that "Satan's redoubtable ally" was a "gigantic auto-programming computer" in Brussels at the headquarters of the European Common Market. 24 It seems predictable that Y2K will be folded into the theory of the "gigantic auto-programming computer" in the toolkit of the Antichrist

Patriot/Militia Survivalism

"Barefoot" Bob Hardison, Freeman, is example of the generic patriot-style survivalism online:

The Prime Commandment!

(All other Commandments are but Instructions to Survive Better)

Presented By
"Barefoot" Bob Hardison, Freeman
P.O. Box 606, Post Falls, Idaho



We are now entering into the period of Chaos, and those of us who have become aware are gathering together in our thinking and in our actions all over the world. We are beginning to prepare ourselves, in order that we can survive better individually and collectively In Freedom. We shall have to learn to make right choices, not only for ourselves but for all of humanity


The declaration by "Barefoot" Bob that he is a "Freeman," puts him into the Constitutionalist wing of the Patriot movement

Signal's Y2K Home Page uses typical Patriot Movement language claiming a globalist New Work Order conspiracy:

With Y2K solving the world population problem, and marking a temporary end to the quest of the One Worlders to enslave us to a kind of socialism that would also rob us of the right to own a house and a piece of ground, there are only two Y2K matters worthy of our consideration:

Surviving, wherever we happen to be, here and now, and the problem of nuclear generating plants, operational or shut down from turning into Chernobyls all over the place.

16 OCT 1998 - To Y2K friends and foe-nees alike. You each know who you and they each are, or maybe they and you don't know.


A pop up ad on Signal's page is linked by the text:

Come spend Y2K with us!

This links to:

Circle L Ranch campground opens Summer 1998

The owners of Circle L Ranch are proud to announce the opening of our 40 acre campground, located on the north bank of the famous Rogue River. This natural and secluded area became a popular camping and fishing site in the 1930's, due to the outstanding fishing and pristine surroundings


One of the members of the Survival Ring is Frugal Squirrel's site where one finds the:

Homepage for Patriots, Survivalists, and Gun Owners

Join in the Fellowship of Survivalism, Share Ideas, and Make Yourself at Home

Remember, being independent, self sustaining, and able to handle any hardship is not a crime in America yet!


Frugal has a "Survivalist Information Library" sporting an extensive book, computer text file, and resource list. Note the linkage of survivalism with the "Patriot" movement and gun owners


Frugal's includes public message area discussion groups on:

      • The Patriot • Survivalism • Survival Weapons • Y2K Preparedness • The Trapping Forum Hosted by Buckshot! • Food Storage and Supplies • Edible and Medicinal Plants

Frugal's site is sponsored in part by "Art's Emergency Food Storage Supply,"

Art's Emergency Food Storage Supply features an animated countdown banner clock

"Caution! Only [year/month/day/hour/minutes/seconds] Before the Year 2000!!!

The focus of Art's Emergency Food Storage Supply is clearly emergency preparedness with an effort to avoid overt politicization of the Y2K issue. Yet the text and tone reinforces the more political and apocalyptic interpretations

Don't get caught unprepared!"

Someday, your emergency food storage may make the difference in you and your family's survival in the event of man-made or natural disater [sic] or in times of economic hardship. Currently, leading Economists are predicting a world wide recession due to the Year 2000 computer crisis. Some believe, there could be anything from food shortages to a run on the banks. In an internal memo, the CIA has urged their employees to purchase emergency supplies and warm blankets because they don't trust the utility companies to be year 2000 complient [sic] before it is too late

Attention: Due to the upcoming Year 2000 computer crisis, there are shortages thoughout [sic] the entire food storage industry. One food storage vendor has up to an 8 month delay in fulfillment. Have no fear! We have one of the shortest delivery times in the industry at approximately 12 weeks. However, whether you get your food storage supplies through Art's Emergency Food Supplies or through another vendor, I'd like to urge you to stock up on your foods now before it is too late. We expect that the time will come in the not too distant future that all of the food storage companies will be swamped and will be booked up until the year 2000

The site offers the following newsgroup discussions:

Free Food Storage and Survival Newsgroups:

Food Storage and Supplies -- This newsgroup discusses food storage, supplies, home canning, etc

Edible and Medicinal Plants -- For those of you who want to live off the land or suppliment [sic] your food storage with wild foods

Survival -- A general newsgroup devoted to general survival issues covering foods, preparedness, etc

Y2K Preparedness -- To discuss preparing for Y2K

Trapping -- This almost lost art is probably one of the best ways to obtain food over a very extended crisis. It doesn't use up your food storage or ammo and works for you 24 hours a day providing both food and clothing


Some militia groups are taking the Y2K problem very seriously

Subject: Re: Y2K
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 1998 11:34:32 EDT
To: <snip>
Please pass this along;

We are currently organizing the volunteer Constitutional Militia of Arapahoe County. In anticipation of food shortages, lack of emergency services, power outages, and related problems associated with the Y2K computer problem, and in order to provide for the safety and well-being of our family members, the citizens of Arapahoe County, Colorado are hereby organizing in the form of a volunteer constutional militia

Interested persons should contact <snip>

The web page of the Ted Davis (Memorial) Brigade militia opens with the heading:

"Stop All Federal Abuses Now!!!" accompanied by the colonial-era graphic of a snake cut apart in segments with the slogan: "Join or Die."

The home page reprints a transcript of a June 9, 1998 news broadcast from Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcast Network, reported by David Snyder, headlined: "Y2k Blackout? Keeping The Power In America's Power Grid."

The supply of abundant electrical power is one of America's most dependable resources. But experts warn that Y2K -- the Year 2000 computer crisis -- threatens to disrupt service throughout the country. CBN News reporter David Snyder explains the struggle to keep the lights on after the year 2000 begins


The page then has text:

Are you ready to become a Y2K Warrior?

The following three pages are every bit as important the y2k situation as anything our good friends in the y2k computer labs have brought forth. The fellow whose writing you will read on the subject of Survival has become wise over the years and he passes the wisdom along for anyone with ears to hear

Are you ready to become a Warrior?

Preferences for Survival Equipment

Order of precedence of things to do and not do, or how to get from there to here


There is also a link to Signal's Y2K Home Page

Mike Johnson, describes himself as the "elected spokesman" of the North Central Florida Regional Militia. Johnson has a page of "Ramblings" where he comments on messages posted by various patriots. He cites one message on Y2K:

Y2K? Armageddon Jan. 1st, 2000?

Or Are They Going to Make Their Move Sooner?

"I believe the predictability of this scenario on the 1st of January, year 2000, is close to one hundred percent, if they don't come up with some other emergency in the meantime. If they do, it will be merely for the purpose of further limiting our options when it does happen. We have, in my view, two years, three months, and two weeks left to prepare for what will amount to Armageddon."

Johnson has another point of view:

I tend to disagree somewhat. It isn't that I think that Y2K won't be a problem, and it isn't that I think we won't have to deal with a government gone completely totalitarian. My only disagreement is with the timing of the thing

If the government's computers are going to be rendered largely useless on January 1, 2000, then the government is effectively in a "use it or lose it" scenario. Right now the government has the use of all those computers, the use of the internet and other assorted data linking capabilities, and the use of large numbers of detailed dossiers that they have compiled on people for whatever reasons and stored in computer databases. The government also has the ability to collate information on people from a wide variety of different private and commerical databases and get incredibly detailed information on them without having to spend any significant effort to do so. They have all this today and they can do all this today. But maybe after January 1, 2000 they won't be able to

So, I tend to think that they may move to deal with potential problem people before they lose all their fancy toys. Let's face it, if you were in charge of trying to set a totalitarian government in place, when would you want to deal with people who would be likely to resist you? While you still have a good electronic information superhighway and can track a significant percentage of the people in almost everything they do, or when things have degenerated into computerized chaos and you can't even get your own paycheck sorted out? To my way of thinking, the answer is obvious

It is my opinion that we will probably see the government making a major move directed at dissidents/"domestic terrorists"/militia/patriots/Christians/whatevers before all their fancy computers get tied in knots. That way they have a decent chance of catching people sleeping

That way they have a decent chance of catching somebody on the move when they absentmindedly use a credit card to buy gas. That way they have a chance of figuring out "networks" of people by studying who phones who. That way they won't have to deal with the "noise" created by millions of people rushing around doing inane things in panic. That way they'll be able to concentrate on those they may consider to be their most serious threat without significant distractions

The payoff they would get from doing things that way is that if they can do it right, then when January 1, 2000 rolls around, the computers crash and the sheeple panic, there would be no effective patriot "leadership" left to contest the government's move into the New World Order. Otherwise, if the patriots are essentially left alone until then, they might just be able to have a large enough effect on enough people who would then be willing to listen to them, that the government's bid for a New World Order would fall short


Johnson, however, rejects the idea that "The New World Order" is a "Jewish Plot." He criticizes a message making such a claim:

There is one aspect of the message in question that bears some commentary. The individual who wrote it seems to think that all the problems that we are facing in America today can ultimately be laid at the feet of people who are ethnically Jewish. That point of view is not only incorrect, but also that will lead people to attempt to apply the wrong solutions to the problems that we are facing, therefore just about guaranteeing that those problems will continue


Christian Right/Patriot/Militia Confluence with Survivalism

The Christian Right and the Patriot movement are distinct sectors within the US political right, and too much can be made of the overlap 25 Nonetheless, there are ideological and methodological areas of congruence, especially apocalypticism and conspiracism. Terms like "radical right," "lunatic fringe," and "religious political extremist" are often used to conflate and dismiss such groups. For a discussion of the problems posed by this oversimplified analysis, see: Frameworks for Conceptualizing the US Political Right

For a discussion of the separate dimensions of ideology and methodology, see: Mapping the Right

Fear that the Y2K problem will disrupt society leads people to some form of emergency preparedness or survivalism. This is a logical sequence of events. The confluence of the Christian Right and patriot/militia movements with generic survivalism can be seen by reading the posts on various websites

The Frugal Squirrel web site, a more generic survivalist site, links to a "Y2K Preparedness" forum with scores of messages with questions about storing food, buying firearms, and setting up solar panels. This is where overlap with overt Christian eschatological issues is clear. Consider the message under the topic Christian Survival Retreat:

I'm interested in corresponding with fellow Christians about the coming Trib etc..Also about preparedness. Any out there interested in forming retreats or seeking special areas which God has set aside for post-trib survivalists?

Write to me at [deleted]

PS. I've had to rewrite this because my last post got spammed by those of questionable purposes!

Y2K Preparedness links in turn to "Chuck Missler on Y2K Preparation," part of a set of audiotapes of a Y2K Conference, "What to do When the Chips are Down" with Chuck Missler, Colin Christie, and Gordon McDonald. This is Y2K combining Christian theology with a relatively moderate survivalist perspective


On his tape, Missler describes Gary North's comments made on the Art Bell late-night radio talk show program as expressing one of the most pessimistic views on a chaotic outcome of Y2K. Missler also cites Acts 17/11

Bridging the Christian Right and the Patriot movement are individuals and groups that share both worldviews

Some Christian fundamentalist survivalists believe that to avoid Satan's Mark of the Beast, they must live apart from secular society for a period of up to 42 months. Robert K. Spear, a key figure on the patriot and militia training circuit, is the author of Surviving Global Slavery: Living Under the New World Order, and Creating Covenant Communities.26 According to Spear, we are approaching the Tribulations of the End Times. Spear cites Revelation, Chapter 13, and warns that Christians will soon be asked to accept the Satanic Mark of the Beast and thus reject Christ. True Christians, according to Spear, must defend their faith and prepare the way for the return of Christ through the formation of armed Christian communities. His book is dedicated to "those who will have to face the Tribulations."

An even more militant example is the Creator's Rights Party run by zealous Christian anti-abortion activist Neal Horsley, who runs "The Nuremberg Files" website that lists abortion-providers, and runs a line through their name when they are killed

HOME DEFENSE FORCES: Neighborhood Watch With Teeth

The idea of Home Defense Forces--Citizen's Self Defense--has been turned into a taboo idea conjuring images of Rambo wannabe camouflage clad commandos running helter skelter through the woods firing random bursts from automatic weapons. Even if the imagery makes you cringe, you best get used to it because it could well be the only idea that actually offers you a fighting chance for survival if worst comes to worst. Unless we can wake this nation up to the horrible scenario presented by the Y2K problem, that scenario will become the actual reality we experience in less than two years

Let me clarify the picture for you, Actually, the woods will not be the scene of the fighting, if the worst case scenario develops. That scene will be shot in the suburbs and bedroom communities composing the outer rim of every megalopolis in the USA and the industrialized world. Also, the people firing the weapons will not be Rambo wannabes but people like you who have no alternative to taking up arms in defense of your family and your own life and property

If you want to avoid that scenario, paradoxically, the sooner you begin to organize your Home Defense Forces the sooner Home Defense Forces will be unnecessary. The point is, we must force the federal government to do the things that must be done if we are to avoid having to take up arms in self-defense. Here's why: the American people have been lulled into a coma by the plutocrats presently ruling this nation. Too many of us have become like overstuffed easy chairs useful for nothing but lounging around and watching TV. That's the picture of us followers. But what about our leaders? Why have they ignored the Y2K problem?

Two possible answers: 1) the present crop of national and State politicians is either too stupid to actually grasp the magnitude of the Y2K Problem or, 2) our political rulers are consciously allowing the Y2K meltdown because they want to see a New World Order established with Sovereignty transferred from the Nation-State to the United Nations


Horsley also offers an essay by Michael Bray, who wrote "A Time to Kill," a book that justifies the murder of abortion providers. Bray's essay is titled "Y2K Judgment."


Some discussions skirt the edge of reality. Some fall over. Art Bell is a popular late night radio talk show host that promotes numerous conspiracist themes. Bell has focused on the Y2K problem on his show at least eight times in 1998 alone. 27 A web search using the Northern Light service produced 426 hits for "Art Bell and y2k," in early January 1999

His shows are discussed on the web with snippets such as: "[Bell] Investigates Plants From Outer Space" and announces that "The fellow who provided the videotaped interview with an alien from Area 51 will be on the show soon." In 1998 Barnes and Noble featured Art Bell's book, The Quickening : Today's Trends, Tomorrow's World, face out in the Social Science section of the store. This gave an imprimatur of legitimacy to a conspiracist apocalyptic text. 28

Y2K expert Gary North made three appearances on the Art Bell program in 1998. 29 Bell also hosted Chuck Missler. 30 Missler's ministry offers an audio cassette report titled: "Y2K the Millennium Bomb" available as an audio feed online


Both North and Missler have written extensively on Christian theological matters

The Fall 1998 issue of Intelligence Report from the Southern Poverty Law Center carried an article titled "Millenium 'Y2Kaos.' "

Intelligence Report cited these additional examples of Y2K survivalism:

Norm Olson, a Michigan militia leader, is busy doing "wolfpack" training for the apocalypse, reports Media Bypass, a magazine popular among Patriots. "Survival is the key. As with most other people, we will rely on our self-supporting 'covenant community,' " said Olson, who believes constitutional rights probably will be suspended before the real crisis hits. "It will be the worst time for humanity since the Noahic flood."

In his AntiShyster magazine, Patriot editor Alfred Adask speaks of entire cities running out of food and of the possibility of "millions of American fatalities." "If the y2k information I've seen is accurate, we are facing a problem of Biblical proportions," he says. "Potentially, y2k ... [is] a dagger pointed at the heart of Western Civilization."

Bo Gritz's Center for Action newsletter, describing y2k as "a pandemic electronic virus more deadly than AIDS," predicts "worldwide chaos" and then goes on to offer lots for sale at Gritz's "Almost Heaven" community. "If Y-2-K has the predicted effect ... we can expect to see, out of the ashes of decimated fiat systems and economic chaos, the rise of a 'MONEY MESSIAH,' who will offer a miraculous fix to a bleeding, begging world," Gritz adds. He also predicts imposition of a worldwide "electronic currency."

Within the broad Patriot movement is a subset called the Christian Patriots, which includes followers of the Christian Identity theology. This is complicated, but it is an important distinction. Ken Stern puts it this way:

Some commentators do not distinguish between Christian Identity and Christian Patriotism because, on the American far right, most who are Identity adherents are also Christian Patriots

But it is important to distinguish the two. Identity comes from a 19th century belief called "British Israelism." One can be an Identity adherent in Australia, Canada, et cetera. Christian Patriots, on the other hand, only exist in America, and one can be a Christian Patriot without subscribing to Identity religion. For example, James Nichols, brother of accused Oklahoma City-bomber Terry Nichols, is a Christian Patriot who flirted with, but was talked out of, Identity theology by a Methodist friend.31


Far Right

Followers of Christian Identity, a theology rejected by all mainstream Christians, say that the United States is the promised land and white Christians are God's chosen people. The neo-Nazi version of Christian Identity says Jews are satanic agents. Some Ku Klux Klan and racist skinhead groups now espouse neo-Nazi Identity philosophy

Their millennialist ideology plans for an imminent apocalyptic race war, making the threat of violence especially real. History has proved they act on their beliefs, which were behind the assassination of Denver talk show host Alan Berg, a spree of armed robberies and murders, the tragic shootout between federal agents and the Weaver family in Idaho, and -- by some accounts -- even in the recent brutal dragging death of a black man in Jasper, Texas

Three men suspected of shooting a law enforcement officer while attempting to steal a water truck in Colorado in 1998 had talked to friends about the coming collapse of society, using patriot-style rhetoric. Two reportedly attended meetings of a local patriot group. Investigators say Alan "Monte" Pilon and James McVean, construction workers who hailed from southwest Colorado, armed themselves for a violent conflict they believe will follow the millennium meltdown. The third suspect, Robert Mason, killed himself rather than surrender to law officers. 32 According to an article by Greg Burton in the Salt Lake City Tribune, June 21, 1998:

Investigators say Alan "Monte" Pilon and James McVean, construction workers who hailed from southwest Colorado, armed themselves for a violent conflict they believe will follow the millennium meltdown. The third suspect, Robert Mason, killed himself rather than surrender to law officers.33


The article quoted Jerry Martin, sheriff in Dolores County, CO, saying "They all talked about the end of the world...They even had their own name for it -- Vampire 2000."

Vampire Killer 2000 is a publication by patriot leader and former Arizona law enforcement officer, Jack McLamb who runs Police Against the New World Order. According to McLamb, the New World Order plans to impose tyranny at any movement. A report with the same name, Vampire Killer 2000, is readily available on the web. See, for example:


This concept attracts attention from both left and right


Confrontations are likely to increase as we near the year 2000. However, the conspiracist scapegoating of right wing populism like that in the patriot and armed militia movements creates not only individual acts of violence, it also creates what Mary Rupert has dubbed "a seedbed for fascism." 34 Right wing populism is a recruitment pool for the far right

For some in the far right see 2000 as a time of chaos when the final race war will happen. James Wickstrom is an example. According to Intelligence Report:

"Prepare for war. It's coming!"

With those words, hard-line racist preacher James Wickstrom warned an August gathering of extremists in Pennsylvania of the end-times battle he expects in the year 2000 -- a battle he believes will be set off by the so-called "y2k" computer bug

When the crash comes, Wickstrom enjoined some 30 followers, "get out of the way for a while and then go hunting, O Israel!" Like the biblical figure of David, godly whites must "fill our shoes with the blood of our enemies and walk in them." Wickstrom lives, he said, "for the day I can walk down the road and see heads on the fence posts."

Intelligence Report cited these additional examples of Y2K survivalism:

Writing in The Jubilee, the leading periodical of the racist and anti-Semitic Christian Identity religion, correspondent Chris Temple says that "the net result of the Year 2000 problem as I have described it will be POSITIVE! Internationalism and capitalism will be dealt severe blows; efforts to recapture local control ... will spread."

In his Patriot Report, Identity proselytizer George Eaton concludes: "We need to act as if our lives depend upon our decisions, because they do. What can we do? Continue to work and save up money for survival items. ... A person can never be over-prepared."

In a July Internet posting on a Klan news page, a contributor described as a computer programmer demands that the federal government "surrender" in return for programmers' assistance in fixing the y2k bug. The posting speaks of "the thousands (probably millions) joining us in our rural retreats. We've got the bibles, the beans, the bandages, the bullets -- and the brains. ... You will reap what you have sewn [sic]. ... Some cities will indeed end in flames -- flames that will light a path to our posterity's freedom."

William Pierce, leader of the neonazi National Alliance, scoffs at both Christian pre-millennialists and Y2K alarmists

The Millennium Bug and "Mainstreaming" the News

by Dr. William Pierce

Then the journalists heard about this problem, and they sensationalized it. Then the right-wing cranks -- and maybe a few left-wing cranks also -- got into the act, and the first thing we knew, everyone was predicting that the sky will fall on New Year's Day 2000. According to the crank scenario, at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999, the world of government, finance, and commerce will come to an end, for all practical purposes. Computers all over the world will either shut down or begin giving spurious results, and then gradually the lights everywhere will go off because electrical power stations are all controlled by computers these days. Airliners will begin falling from the sky, as their onboard computers and the ground-based air traffic control computers cease functioning simultaneously. Vehicular traffic on the ground won't fare much better. Trains will stop running, and city streets will be blocked by wrecks at major intersections, because the computer-controlled traffic lights will have gone haywire. Telephones won't work, and the food in refrigerators will begin spoiling

The government, of course, won't be able to function, because without its computers the IRS won't know who owes the government money or how much. Welfare and Social Security checks no longer will go out, and without their welfare checks the Blacks in the cities will begin to riot, kill, burn, and loot almost immediately. Within a few days roving bands of hungry people will be stripping the countryside bare

The government will respond by calling in United Nations "peacekeeping" troops, declaring martial law, confiscating all privately owned firearms, and packing all White males -- except registered Democrats and homosexuals -- into concentration camps for eventual liquidation. Remember, Bill Clinton still will be in the White House, and this will be his chance to get even with all those people who humiliated him

Even folks who haven't swallowed this entire crank scenario are worried that something drastic will happen, and the more cautious ones are stocking up on bottled water, canned food, candles, and ammunition. I guess that there always has been a pretty strong streak of superstition and credulity in our people. There's always been a substantial element of the population ready to be deceived by improbable rumors, taken in by popular delusions, or swept away altogether by a general panic. People who believe that in this scientific age we're less superstitious than were our ancestors a thousand years ago are just plain wrong. The White public today may not be quite as ready to believe that the appearance of a comet indicates that the end of the world is at hand or that touching a piece of the True Cross will cure warts or constipation, but that's not because they're less superstitious. Today the superstitions are different, but they're just as irrational and have a grip on at least as many people as did the old ones. Today the credulous believe in equality or in the miraculous powers of democracy -- or in the end of the world as we know it on New Year's Day 2000

Part of the fascination the "millennium bug" has for many people, I'm sure, is that it does involve the end of a millennium, and much of the old superstition about miraculous happenings at that time lies just beneath the surface for them. Some of these millennialists, of course, believe explicitly in the Second Coming of Jesus. Others may not have such explicit beliefs, but they still have forebodings of some sort of supernatural events connected with the beginning of the next millennium, and these forebodings make them readier to believe the crank predictions of a global disaster when all the computers get the date wrong

So I'll make my own prediction. The main thing to watch out for on New Year's Day 2000 is crazed millennialists going berserk when the Second Coming fails to occur. Also a few right-wing nuts may launch a premature attack on the government, figuring that without its computers the government won't be able to fight back. But the lights will stay on, and airliners will not fall from the sky

And unfortunately the welfare checks will continue going out

Free Speech - November 1998 - Volume IV, Number 11


Read More About It

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