White Racial Nationalism

The racial nationalists' ideal oscillates between brutish authoritarianism and vulgar fascism in service of White male supremacy. Unilateral militarism abroad and repression at home are utilized to force compliance. Social problems are caused by uncivilized people of color, lower-class foreigners, and dual-loyalist Jews, who must all be exposed and neutralized.

Samuel Francis, the prototypical racial nationalist, writes columns warning against attempts to "wipe out traditional White, American, Christian, and Western Culture," which he blames on multiculturalism. Francis's solutions: "Americans who want to conserve their civilization need to get rid of elites who want to wreck it, but they also need to kick out the vagrant savages who have wandered across the border, now claim our country as their own, and impose their cultures upon us. If there are any Americans left in San Jose, they might start taking back their country by taking back their own city....You don't find statues to Quetzalcoatl in Vermont." 

More Details: Theocratic Right -- Regressive Populism -- Far Right

Excerpted from a chapter in the South End Press book
" Eyes Right!: Challenging the Right Wing Backlash"
Edited by Chip Berlet

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  • "Theocracy & White Supremacy:
    Behind the Culture War to Restore Traditional Values"
    by Chip Berlet & Margaret Quigley


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