The Far Right

For the far right, the ideal is White revolution to overthrow the corrupt regime and restore an idealized natural biological order. Social problems are caused by crafty Jews manipulating inferior people of color. They must be exposed and neutralized.

The Truth at Last is a racist far right tabloid that features such headlines as "Jews Demand Black Leaders Ostracize Farrakhan," "Clinton Continues Massive Appointments of Minorities," and "Adopting Blacks into White Families Does Not Raise Their IQ," which concluded that "only the preservation of the White race can save civilization....Racial intermarriage produces a breed of lower-IQ mongrel people." 

More Details: Theocratic Right -- Regressive Populism -- White Racial Nationalism

Excerpted from a chapter in the South End Press book
" Eyes Right!: Challenging the Right Wing Backlash"
Edited by Chip Berlet
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  • "Theocracy & White Supremacy:
    Behind the Culture War to Restore Traditional Values"
    by Chip Berlet & Margaret Quigley

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