PRA Salon Series 2007

December 2007: "The Immigration Debacle: How We Got Here and What's Next," with Elena Letona

With the demise of even "compromise" federal immigration reform measures, the Right is emboldened, the immigrant rights movement is on its heels, and progressives are in disarray. How did we arrive at this juncture, and what are the challenges ahead?

Elena Letona is the Executive Director of Centro Presente, a member-driven, state-wide Latin American immigrant organization dedicated to the self-determination and self-sufficiency of the Latin American immigrant community of Massachusetts.

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October 2007: "Divided by the Right: Will the Mainline Churches Also be Conquered?" with Frederick Clarkson

For the past 25 years, the political Right has organized a concerted attack on the liberal politics and theology of America's mainline churches. The attacks have gained traction, with splits in the Episcopal, Presbyterian and other denominations. How did this happen and can we stop it?

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September 2007: "Conspiracy Theories: Toxic to Democracy," with Chip Berlet

Political Research Associates senior analyst Chip Berlet presented, "Conspiracy Theories: Toxic to Democracy," as part of PRA's fall Salon Series on Tuesday, September 18. In his talk, Berlet addressed the following questions: Why are conspiracy theories so popular? Why are they so destructive?

Berlet is also slated to explore the subject of conspiracies in a forthcoming article in New Internationalist magazine.

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August 2007: "Pushed to the Altar" with Jean Hardisty


PRA founding director Jean Hardisty offered a preview of her research on marriage promotion initiatives on Tuesday, August 21 in the PRA Library.


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