Confusion Reigns

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It is the failure of alternative and left critics of government policy to take responsibility for clarifying the confusion being intentionally sown by the far right that is the key issue. If the problem is turned on its head, it is easier to understand why the issue of public statements by groups such as Christic is so important. In the course of preparing this study scores of persons were interviewed in a dozen cities. Here is a summary of some of the questions raised by persons who reject the criticism.

On the LaRouchites:

Were they not victims of government repression and FBI harassment just like CISPES? Wasn't that what James Ridgeway said in the Village Voice? Didn't their views get reported by David MacMichael in the newsletter of the former intelligence officers turned critics? Isn't Ramsey Clark their attorney? Isn't it true that they were reporting on the Iran-Contra affair before the mainstream media and Congress publicized the matter? Don't several former Christic investigators recommend their work?

Are they not our natural allies?

On the Liberty Lobby/Populist network:

Didn't Spotlight get mentioned by Bill Moyers on the PBS program on the Most Censored Stories awards as an excellent source of information? Doesn't Bill Davis appear with Bo Gritz at conferences? Doesn't Danny Sheehan appear on the Bo Gritz videotape? Can't we buy Gritz' writings by sending a check to the Christic Institute's West Coast office? Wasn't that Danny Sheehan on the cover of the Prevailing Winds catalog with Christic material along with material from Gritz and Prouty?

Are they not our natural allies?

On Craig Hulet:

Isn't he on KPFA and KPFK? Can't we order Hulet tapes from the Pacifica Archive? Doesn't he say he works with Lanny Sinkin who was an attorney at Christic? Doesn't he say he isn't a right-winger? Didn't the San Francisco Mime Troupe thank Hulet for his research?

Is he not our natural ally?

This raises a question for every progressive political leader, journalist and attorney whose name has been used by the fascist right to build their movement. If hundreds (perhaps thousands) of people now believe there is a coalition that involves the left and fascist right, is there not an obligation to speak out publicly to deny what the right is suggesting publicly?

In fact, some of the above questions clearly represent misunderstandings and erroneous assumptions. But when the right is making the assertion, silence implies consent, or as the button says: "Silence is the voice of complicity."

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