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In 1991 Liberty Lobby announced the creation of the advisory board of the Populist Action Committee. The Spotlight ran a major feature on the formation of the advisory board with photographs of the persons announced as appointed to launch the Committee. Both Bo Gritz and Fletcher Prouty were named to the advisory panel.

According to the Spotlight, the other persons named to the advisory board were:

· Abe Austin, described as an Illinois businessman and expert on money;

· Mike Blair, Spotlight writer whose articles on government repression were highlighted by Project Censored;

· Ken Bohnsack, an Illinois resident called the founder of the Sovereignty movement;

· Howard Carson, a Spotlight distributor;

· William Gill, president of the protectionist American Coalition for Competitive Trade;

· Boyd Godlove Jr., chairman of the Populist Party of Maryland;

· Martin Larson, a contributor to The Journal of Historical Review which maintains the Holocaust was a Jewish hoax;

· Roger Lourie, president of Devin-Adair Publishing;

· Pauline Mackey, national treasurer for the 1988 David Duke Populist Party Presidential campaign;

· Tom McIntyre, national chairman of the Populist Party from 1987-1990;

· John Nugent, who ran for Congress from Tennessee as a Republican in 1990;

· Lawrence Patterson, publisher of the far-right ultra-conspiratorial Criminal Politics newsletter;

· Jerry Pope, chair of the Kentucky Populist Party;

· John Rakus, president of the National Justice Foundation;

· Hon. John R. Rarick, former Democratic House member now in Louisiana;

· Sherman Skolnick, a Chicagoan who has peddled bizarre conspiracy theories for over a decade;

· Major James H. Townsend, editor of the National Educator from California;

· Jim Tucker, Spotlight contributor who specializes on covering the Bilderberger banking group;

· Tom Valentine, Midwest bureau chief for Spotlight and host of Liberty Lobby's Radio Free America;

· Raymond Walk, an Illinois critic of free trade;

· Robert H. Weems, founding national chairman of the Populist Party.

Prouty has been appearing at conferences and on radio programs sponsored by the Liberty Lobby, but claims "there was never a handshake" concerning his official appointment to the Populist Action Committee.19 Prouty nonetheless admits that he is aware his name is being publicized in that capacity and refuses to ask his name be dropped from the list.

Skolnick also says he was never "officially" asked to be on the advisory board, but although he is aware he was named to the panel, he refuses to distance himself from the board or Liberty Lobby.20

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