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Power Structure Research


Why use Power Structure Research? Because it helps to mobilize and educate people to challenge unequal power and privilege. Conspiracy theory, on the other hand, undermines movements for progressive social change; avoids challenging the structures, institutions, and systems of unfair power and oppression; and distracts attention away from the real culprits. Real social change requires hard work, not surreal Internet gossip. Read more about the failures of conspiracy theory as an analytical model.

Power Structure Research Resources

Elites, the State, and Blocking Progress

Conservative and right-wing elites work with both the state apparatus and right-wing countermovements to repress and block action for progressive social change

Bibliography of books that discuss how conservative and right-wing countermovements work with elites and state actors to blunt gains and demands made by labor, left, women's, environmental, and gay groups in the United States. It's just a partial list

Roots of Researching Right-Wing Power

Applied Power Structure Research

How Harvard Rules NACLA Who Rules America

[Under Construction]


Influenced by Rousseau, Marx, & Durkheim

Student Power Movement

How Harvard Rules

U.S. Foreign Policy





Specific Models

  • Alinskyism: What's Good, What's Not
    • Industrial Areas Foundation
  • Power Structure Research
  • Midwest Academy
  • Social Movement Theory
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Critical Feminist Theory
  • Deep Ecology Theory
  • Critical Legal Theory
  • Critical Queer Theory
  • Libertarian Socialism


Partial List

  • George Seldes
  • I.F. Stone
  • Forester & Epstein
  • Gordon Hall & ]]] Hoag
  • Richard Hofstadter
  • Michael Paul Rogin
  • Counterspy
  • Sasha Gregory Lewis 1975
  • R2N2
  • Steve Fanchuken
  • Sara Miles
  • Public Eye Network
  • Covert Action Information Bulletin
  • Jerome Himmelstein
  • Kathleen Blee
  • The Black Scholar
  • South End Press
    • Z Magazine
    • Z Media Institute
  • National Anti-Klan Network
  • Applied Research Center
  • Loretta Ross
  • Jean Hardisty 1979
  • Political Research Associates
  • Southern Exposure
  • Center for Democratic Renewal
  • Data Center
  • Holly Sklar
  • Fred Clarkson
  • Suzanne Pharr
  • Urvashi Vaid
  • Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment
  • Coalition for Human Dignity
  • Leonard Zeskind
  • Daniel Levitas
  • Russ Bellant
  • Diamond:
    • Spiritual Warfare
    • Roads to Dominion, 1990

Democracy is a process, not a specific set of institutions

Democracy is a process that assumes
the majority of people,
over time,
given enough accurate information,
and the ability to participate
in a free and open public debate,
reach constructive decisions to
preserve liberty,
extend equality, and
defend democracy.










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