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About this Training Resource

Many of the journalism training pages here are adapted from a course, "Strategic Research, Analysis and Reporting," developed by Chip Berlet, Holly Sklar, and Abby Scher for the Z Media Institute hosted by Z Magazine in Woods Hole Massachusetts.

  • Chip Berlet is the senior analyst at Political Research Associates.
  • Holly Sklar is an author and oped columnist.
  • Abby Scher is a sociologist and journalist.

They will happily bore you with more detailed biographical information.

In addition, many ongoing useful suggestions and ideas have been incorporated from Adele Stan of AlterNet and Esther Kaplan of The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute.

Over the years, we have picked up advice from our founder, Jean V. Hardisty; our associated writers including Russ Bellant and Frederick Clarkson; current staff members including Pamela Chamberlain and PRA Executive Director Tarso Luís Ramos; and former staff members including Surina Khan, Nikhil Aziz, and the late Margaret Quigley. Other helpful friends include Dennis King, Matthew N. Lyons, Sheila O’Donnell, Eda Gordon, Dan Junas, Ross Gelbspan, Ann Mari Buitrago, Kate Porterfield, G. William Domhoff and several folks who prefer to exist in anonymity. PRA, however, is soley responsible for the content on these pages.

Please do not copy or distribute material from these pages. Links are welcome.
All material unless attributed to a specific author is © 1981-2010 Political Research Associates
All Z Media Institute material © 1997-2010 Chip Berlet, Holly Sklar, & Abby Scher


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