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Foundations, Funding, & Non-Profits

Right-Wing Foundation Grants -- The Money Behind the Media: A large searchable collection of grant data from 990 forms from right-wing foundations and their grantees on this site. Can be daunting at first, but worth the effort.

Money & Politics - An Internet Guide to Power Structure Research - Val Burris

Specific Right-Wing Foundations

Bradley Foundation
Castle Rock Foundation (Coors Family Members)
Pioneer Fund
Pioneer: secondary collection of articles and research (ISAR/Mehler)

Scaife-related Foundations (Richard Mellon Scaife)
Sarah Scaife Foundation
Scaife Family Foundation
Allegheny Foundation
Carthage Foundation
Scaife: secondary collection of articles and research (CNN)

Smith Richardson Foundation
U.S. Inc. (No web page-but information at this address)

General Foundation Grants

Foundation Centers & Affiliated Libraries
Foundation Finder
Web-based foundation research

Guidestar foundation database

Policy Formation & Politics

Researching right-wing funding and policy-making

The Demos collection of web-based public policy pages

ALEC Watch - Tracks the American Legislative Exchange Council

Studying the Right - Scholarly Issues
Key players in the Clinton scandals

US political parties of all stripes

The National Institute on Money in State Politics

Policy Formation - An Internet Guide to Power Structure Research - Val Burris



MA Five College Consortium libraries

Power Structure Research

An Internet Guide to Power Structure Research - Val Burris
Policy Formation

Money & Politics

Impact Research - The Data Center

Elite Power Structure

Social Stratification Course 1

Social Stratification Course 2

Links to Stratification Related Sites

Action Research Weblinks - COMM-ORG: The On-Line Conference On Community Organizing and Development

Other Research Resources

Research Skills, Logic, & Propaganda

Websites Debunking Conspiracism

Virtual Gumshoe: Investigative Resources on the Web

Studying the U.S. Political Right

Researching Right-Wing Policy Formation & Funding

The Roots of Power Structure Research

NACLA Research Methodology Guide

How Harvard Rules

Tactical Investigations for People's Struggles by Barry Greever, Midwest Academy




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