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This is an early draft of “When Alienation Turns Right: Populist Conspiracism, the Apocalyptic Style, and Neofascist Movements,” in Lauren Langman & Devorah Kalekin Fishman, (eds.), Trauma, Promise, and the Millennium: The Evolution of Alienation, pp. 115-144, (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2005).

The footnotes and table of contents have been removed. For the full text of the footnoted material, please refer to the version found in the book.


1 Frank J. Donner

2 Diamond

3 Leo P. Ribuffo

4 Charles J. Tull; Alan Brinkley

5 Jerome L. Himmelstein

6 Himmelstein

7 Himmelstein, pp 43-44.

8 Himmelstein

9 Himmelstein

10 Himmelstein

11 Russ Bellant, Christopher Simpson

12 Bellant

13 William Martin,

14 Diamond, Russ Bellant

15 Rogin; Fred W. Grupp, Jr.; James McEvoy, III; Charles Jeffrey Kraft; Diamond

16 Portions of this section first appeared as Chip Berlet, "The Right Rides High," The Progressive, October 1994, and were later adapted in Berlet & Quigley, "Theocracy & White Supremacy," in Eye's Right!: Challenging the Right Wing Backlash, (Boston, South End Press, 1995)

17 Himmelstein

18 Martin, ; Diamond; Stephen Lesher; Himmelstein; Bellant

19 Himmelstein

20 Ellen Messer-Davidow; Lawrence Soley; David Callahan; Beth Schulman; Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting; National Council for Research on Women

21 Martin

22 See Bruce Barron

23 Fred Clarkson

24 Dinesh D'Souza; Sara Diamond,

26 Himmelstein; Michael Kazin

27 Diamond

28 Diamond

29 This section is adapted from a draft of Chip Berlet and Matthew N. Lyons, Too Close for Comfort: Right Wing Populism, Scapegoating, and Fascist Potentials in US Political Traditions, (Boston: South End Press, 1997).

30 George Johnson, Diamond

31 Marsden; William Martin

32 John Stormer

33 Martin; Dallas A. Blanchard. Primary: Francis A. Schaeffer; Franky Schaeffer; John W. Whitehead, Tim LaHaye

34 Clarkson

35 Jean Hardisty

36 Green, along with, James L. Guth and Kevin Hill

37 Business Week

38 Kevin Phillips

39 Hans-Georg Betz

40 Betz; Business Week

41 Business Week

42 James Corcoran; Frank P. Mintz, James A. Aho

43 Kenneth S. Stern; Philip Lamy

44 Devin Burghart and Robert Crawford

45 Lucy A. Williams

46 Jean V. Hardisty

47 James William Gibson; Barbara Ehrenreich

48 Stephen O'Leary; Lamy; Jeffrey Kaplan

49 [Deleted in online version]

50 O'Leary

51 O'Leary

52 Mary Rupert

53 Hardisty

54 This section is adapted from a draft of Berlet and Lyons, Too Close for Comfort.

55 John B. Judis

56 Berlet & Quigley

57 Diamond

58 Surina Khan

59 Hanna Rosin; Judis

60 Phyllida Burlingame

61 Holly Sklar

62 Ronald Steel

63 Diamond

64 Richard J. Herrnstein and Charles Murray, The Bell Curve,

65 Jasone DeParle

66 Charles Lane; Bellant.

67 Adam Miller

68 Joel L. Kincheloe, Shirley R. Steinberg, & Aaron D. Greeson

69 Diamond, Roads, pp. 279-286.

70 Diamond

71 Diamond

72 Richard Bernstein

73 [Deleted in online version]

74 Sam Francis

75 Gregory Pavlik

76 Pavlik, pp. 36-37.

77 Diamond,

78 Max Weber

79 Diamond

80 Jacob Heilbrunn

81 [Deleted in online version]

82 Fred Clarkson


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