Great Commission of Christ to go into all the  world,  spreading  the  good  news  and healing  the  sick.  Instead,  their  resources and  influence  are  going  to  an  institution that is often ineffective in providing relief to the  suffering  and  oppressed.  Even  worse, scandal  and  unethical  practices  riddle  the United Nations.14 Janice Crouse, also from the LaHaye Institute, is another example of a Christian Right international activist  who  is  similarly  disdainful  of  the  UN. Former speechwriter for George H.W.  Bush,  author  and  public speaker   Crouse   has   been   a vocal representative of CWA at the  UN  and  an  official  U.S. delegate at UN conferences. Yet she has said, The  U.N.  is  actively  anti- American; both the Secur- ity Council and the General Assembly  work  to  thwart American interests…. Literally billions of dollars have  been  squandered  in misguided   utopian   efforts   that   failed   to accomplish the stated goals or were misdi- rected  into  the  hands  of  corrupt  officials through   the   U.N.’s   poor   management, cronyism or support for harsh dictators and ruthless regimes.15 Participating in UN activities as a hostile NGO is a  “Trojan  Horse”  strategy,  according  to  Jennifer Butler, former UN liaison for the NGO Presbyterian Church   USA   and   author   of   Born   Again:   The Christian Right Globalized. About these conservative NGOs  she  notes,  “By  infiltrating  the  system  of  an organization  they  oppose,  they  hope  to  stall,  influ- ence, and even undermine its work from within.”16 The   conservative   leaders’   unfavorable   com- ments are reminiscent of Sen. Jesse Helms’ fear that the  UN  is  indeed  a  “One  World”  government.  In 2000 Helms appeared before the UN Security Council where he claimed to speak for “many Americans” when he said, They see the UN aspiring to establish itself as  the  central  authority  of  a  new  interna- tional order of global laws and global gov- ernance. This is an international order the American  people  will  not  countenance,  I guarantee you.17 Helms,  who  authored  the 1973 Helms Amendment that prohibits    spending    federal money on abortions abroad, is now retired but is remembered as  someone  who  combined  a nationalist resistance to multi- lateral agreements with a fierce advocacy  for  traditional  gen- der roles. For their work at the UN, conservative   NGOs   receive substantial   media   attention from the Christian media, and they can reach large audiences. These TV, radio, Internet and print media comprise   a   communications   network   generally ignored by liberals and progressives. They criticize the UN from an anti-One World Government per- spective  while  transmitting  a  “culture  of  life”  phi- losophy at the same time. Showdown at the UN N ot-for-profit  groups  have  participated  in  UN activities  since  its  founding  in  1946  when  40 organizations  signed  on  to  be  NGOs.  Such  groups are playing an increasing role at the United Nations, with over 2700 groups now holding consultative sta- UNd o i n g   R e p r o d u c t i v e   Fr e e d o m  Christian Right NGOs Target the United Nations POLITICAL RESEARCH ASSOCIATES   2006 5 14Katy Kiser, “The United Nations: an Untold Story,” at: d=6623&&department=BLI&categoryid=reports. 15Janice Crouse, “Misguided Attempts to Eradicate Global Poverty,” ryid=reports. 16Jennifer Butler, “New Sheriff in Town:” The Christian Right Shapes U.S. Agenda at he United Nations,” The Public Eye, XVI, 2, Summer 2002, 15. 17Address by Sen, Jesse Helms, Chairman U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, before the UN Security Council January 20, 2000, http://www.jessehelmscenter/jessehelms/documents/AddressbySenatorJesseHelmstoUNSecurityCouncil.pdf. 18“NGOs with Consultative Status with ECOSOC,” 12 NGOs opposed to abortion or comprehensive sexuality education have gained consultative status since the Cairo and Beijing UN conferences in 1994. All of them are associated with the U.S. Christian Right.