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March 9, 2009

For the latest news and insightful analysis about civil liberties, Political Research Associates and Public Eye invite you to visit our new blog, Liberty Beat.

Featuring timely research by PRA civil liberties project director Thom Cincotta and his team, Liberty Beat maps how the post-9/11 security regime has expanded the power of domestic Joint Terrorism Task Forces, state intelligence Fusion Centers, and other government bureaucracies capable of watching, tracking, deporting, and intimidating people and groups identified as "threats" to national security.

Constitutional restraints on domestic surveillance are just an afterthought to the policymakers who've led this unprecedented expansion of repressive intelligence operations. Only exposing them to the light of day will bring real reform. That's why we've started Liberty Beat.

Liberty Beat will provide analysis of recent news in the field of civil liberties, share stories of how domestic surveillance and political repression impact your constitutional rights, report on the research team's findings, and explain current efforts for reform.

For Liberty Beat, click here.

About PRA:

Political Research Associates is a Somerville, Massachusetts-based think tank that fuses journalistic reporting techniques with traditional research to produce reports on the U.S. Right in support of movements for reproductive and LGBTQ rights, racial justice, civil liberties, and economic justice. Founded 28 years ago, PRA has become one of the country's most respected progressive think tanks. It is the publisher of The Public Eye magazine, a quarterly on the U.S. Right.

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PRA Press Releases

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