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The New York Times, “Critics Cost Muslim Educator Her Dream School,” Andrea Elliot, 4.28.08: “Critics of the Madrassa Coalition say its tactics are typical of campaigns singling out Muslims: They lean heavily on guilt by association. The nuances of the claims against Ms. Almontaser were lost as the controversy lit up the blogosphere, said Chip Berlet, a senior analyst at Political Research Associates.”

Chip in PRA - Photo by Alen AbdulaThe New Republic, “Post-Racial – Even White Supremacists Don’t Hate Obama,” Michael Crowley, 3.12.08: “If you are a white supremacist who is dedicated to a biological understanding of racism that says blacks are inferior, the only way [Obama] could be elected is with the conniving of unseen forces,” explains Chip Berletof Political Research Associates, a Boston-based expert on white supremacists.

LA Times, “Domestic Terror Groups in Disarray After Sept. 11,” Richard A. Serrano, 3.11.08: “Many of the people had such huge egos that they didn’t know how to work together and keep the movement going,” as Chip Berlet, senior analyst at Political Research Associates told the Times, “so it’s basically unraveled.”

WPKN Radio, Scott Harris’ Counterpoint, 3.10.08: Discussing the interesting political calculus behind McCain’s choice to accept [Pastor John] Hagee’s endorsement, Rev. Katherine H. Ragsdale commented that Senator McCain seemed to be willing to “offend moderate supporters in an attempt to appeal to the hard-line Right who had been supporting more radically and outspokenly conservative candidates.”, “Texas Director of Science Curriculum Forced Out,” Frederick Lane, 12.3.07: “The k-12 education system has been fraught with controversy for decade, Pam Chamberlain said, “reaching all the way back to the Scopes Trial in 1925. These battles don’t take place just at the intersection of religion and science; there has been a concerted effort by conservative groups to put their imprint at all levels and on all subjects, including history, science, and civics.”






New Staff

Alen Abdula, is PRA’s Web & Data Manager. Born in Bosnia, he moved to the Boston area in 1997 with his family, earning the MIAA Academic Excellence Award and accolades from the Boston Herald for his high school soccer performance. He is a recent graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Alen joined PRA in January 2008.

Desiree Soares is Administrative Assistant at PRA. Before joining the PRA team, she was an Administrative Assistant with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently a student at Cambridge College pursuing a BA in Psychology with a concentration in Couples & Family Counseling. Desiree joined PRA in February 2008.


Catherine Auer is PRA’s RightWeb Project Editor. She has worked with PRA as a consultant since January 2008.

Catherine Brady is PRA’s part-time bookkeeper. She joined the PRA team in late fall 2007.

Michael Flynn is PRA’s Right Web Project Director, and has been working with PRA as a consultant since January 2008.

Meredith Smith, CPA, began working with PRA in early fall 2007 as a finance and budget consultant.


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