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Immigrant Rights Article Now in Spanish!

Updated Defending Reproductive Rights ARK Coming Soon!

In 2005, PRA released Defending Justice, our criminal justice Activist Resource Kit (ARK), in both a print and web version. Now, PRA is pleased to make our other valuable and frequently used ARKs even more accessible - at no cost - to organizers, activists, and researchers everywhere by posting them online.

Our website now presents Defending Immigrant Rights: An Activist Resource Kit, in its entirety. You will find useful analyses of the anti-immigrant movementís goals, tactics, and factions; examples of anti-immigrant ads & literature; descriptions of common anti-immigrant arguments and suggested responses, among other resources.

Thanks to a grant from the Fledgling Fund, our website also offers a Spanish-language translation of the ARKís popular essay, "Immigrant Rights: Striving for Racial Justice, Economic Equality and Human Dignity," by Camellia Phillips for the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights. Over the coming months, we will post additional Spanish-language translations of the ARK's key articles online.

This spring, watch the web for a special updated version of Defending Reproductive Rights, and other ARKs in the series.

Fall/Winter 2007
Volume 6, No. 2

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