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"My internship with a liberal congressman during the summer brought me into contact with many outraged conservatives, which sparked my interest in the political Right. At PRA, I am gaining a greater understanding of the individual groups within the conservative movement, as well as a more insightful view of the ideologies that comprise it. I enjoy escaping from the bubble of campus life twice a week and am both excited and frightened by the prospect of graduating in May."
- Nathan Stopper

Nathan Stopper is a senior at Tufts University majoring in International Relations.



"The commute from Waltham to Somerville is a long one, but its worth it when interning at PRA. Whether I am researching independently, talking with a staff member, or reading office email, I am always learning something new about this country and the complexities of its political Right. I have never been more critical of what I read, see, or hear, as working at PRA has taught me the many ways in which exaggeration and generalization, no matter how enticing, can not only harm your opponents cause, but your own. This has proven to be the most valuable aspect of working at PRA, and it's a lesson that will benefit me and my cause whatever it is in the future."
- Michelle Iorio

Michelle Iorio is a senior at Brandeis University majoring in Sociology.

Spring/Summer 2007

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