Associate Director Nikhil Aziz leaves PRA to head Grassroots International

PRA bade Associate Director Nikhil Aziz farewell in February 2005.

Nikhil begins his new position in May 2005 as the Executive Director of Grassroots International, a Boston-based human rights, social change, and development organization providing support to groups working on global justice issues in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East (see Nikhil was an Assistant Professor of Political Science at Illinois State University before joining PRA in July 2000. His research, publications, and teaching have been in the areas of international human rights, social movements, and globalization. While at PRA his research and trainings centered primarily on the Right’s attack on the GLBT, immigrant, and people of color communities, and on U.S. foreign policy.

Nikhil joined PRA in 2000 as Research Analyst and Editor of the Public Eye, later becoming Director of Research. We want to thank him for five years of leading and supporting research on the Right at PRA, while working to broaden our analysis to include systemic oppression and international issues, and to meet the needs of grassroots activists, particularly within people of color, immigrant, low income, and GLBT communities.

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