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PRAccess - Fall/Winter 2004

This year, PRA had no less that five full-time summer interns who worked on a variety of undertakings, such as improving the website, and researching for the Criminal Justice ARK and the Campus Activism Project. From five different schools in Massachusetts, the interns enjoyed their summer in Boston and, of course, at PRA.

Todd Ching is a senior at Boston College, majoring in Political Science and History. He could have interned for the Democratic National Convention this summer, but instead chose PRA, where he felt he could do meaningful research. As Todd stated in his application: "I don't want to intern at a place where my primary duty would be to serve coffee... I'm a tea drinker anyway." He was very happy working at PRA, and thanks to this experience, Todd now hopes to work for a non-profit think-tank after graduation.

Maura Klugman, a senior Environmental Studies major at Amherst College, came to PRA through Hampshire College's Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corp. She was thrilled to be part of the Criminal Justice ARK project, and has been inspired by what she has learned. Her own political ideas have been sharpened and challenged through her internship at PRA, and Maura hopes this experience will lead her to become more involved in social justice issues.

Elena Williams is a second semester Junior at Smith College. She has gained a better understanding of the workings of a research center through her internship at PRA. Through researching for Campus Activism Project, Elena learned about different points of view that she will carry with her as she continues on her own political path. She feels PRA has been a helpful introduction into the political world.

Daniel Castleman, resident Web-Intern, is a junior at Brandeis University. Being both a Politics and a Computer Science major, he jumped at the opportunity to use both hemispheres of his brain with an internship at PRA. Since the beginning of the summer, he has given the site a much-needed facelift and has been adding new content.

Johnny Yong, a senior at UMass-Amherst, wanted to intern at PRA first and foremost to learn. Coming from a limited liberal arts background, he wanted a broad exposure to politics and sociology. He believes by learning about the political Right he will also be able to learn about the Left and solidify his political views. The opportunity to work in a think-tank has provided him with an excellent opportunity to explore and grow these ideas in an intellectual environment.

-Maura Klugman, PRA Intern

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