The Newmanites and Lenora Fulani

Clouds Blur the Rainbow Fred Newman
  How Fred Newman and Lenora Fulani Use Totalitarian Deception to Manipulate Social and Political Activists
by Chip Berlet
A Political Research Associates Briefing Paper

Progressive activists in the US should have celebrated a political party with a 1988 platform calling for peace, social justice, multi-racial harmony, and an end to discrimination against gay men and lesbians. Instead, the ruthless organizing style of the New Alliance Party was so consistently disruptive, that across the country, gay men and lesbians, African Americans, civil libertarians, community organizers and progressive activists denounced the New Alliance Party and its tactics...
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    Critics of Newmanites

    Inside the New Alliance Party Lenora Fulani
      (aka Rainbow Alliance aka Rainbow Lobby aka the Organization a/k/a)
    by Dennis L. Serrette

    "I knew when I joined NAP that it was not black-led, and I knew when I left it was not black-led. It took longer to understand that NAP was not even a progressive organization as it also pretends..."
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    Important resource: Ex-IWP Website

    In late 2002 a number of former members of the New Alliance Party, practitioners of Social Therapy, and other people critical of Dr. Fred Newman and his many enterprises came forward and began to publicize their views.
    Critiques by Marina Ortiz

  • Letter from a licensed marriage and family therapist (former member)
  • Letter from Robert Cohen (former member)
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