Christian Right's Values Voter Summit Insurgent Anglican on Podium

The Rev. Martyn Minns, a leader of the right-wing faction that split off from the Episcopal Church (USA) to join the Anglican Church of Nigeria, spoke about the cleavage to a major gathering of the Christian Right at the Values Voters Summit on September 12 in Washington, D.C. Mainline churches are set to destroy timeless values that formed U.S. churches, he said, and conservative teachings on homosexuality and life are "core values" that are "universal, timeless, and non-negotiable."

It should be noted that Minns was not a bishop in the U.S. Episcopal Church before leaving. He was ordained a "missionary" bishop by the Anglican Church of Nigeria to oversee the Nigerian churches in the United States. It should also be noted that the Church in Nigeria, under whose authority Minns holds his position, does not ordain women. This discrimination is a "value" Minns chose not to mention in Washington. - Katherine H. Ragsdale

Listen | Posted on 2008-11-13 at 08:36:52

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