Fresh Air Interview with Chip Berlet About the Far Right, Conspiracy Theory And Murder

Terry Gross of Fresh Air interviews PRA Senior Analyst Chip Berlet on June 18, 2009 about extremism, conspiracy theories and hate groups in the wake of the murders of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller and Holocaust Museum guard Stephen T. Johns. Berlet argues these murders show the potential for violence that often lurks within far Right groups. Argueing that right-wing pundits share some of the moral responsibility for the actions of their followers, Berlet summarizes the analysis in his report in a June 10 Huffington Post article about Johns' murder: "Apocalyptic aggression is fueled by right-wing pundits who demonize scapegoated groups and individuals in our society, implying that it is urgent to stop them from wrecking the nation."

Listen | Posted on 2009-06-22 at 08:42:58

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