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Summer 2010

Iíve been lucky in my career. For most of my adult life Iíve worked both for pay and as a volunteer at vital if underfunded publications, where Iíve done meaningful jobs and been surrounded by smart, politically committed colleagues, many of whom have been quite eccentric, many of whom have become life-long friends. I havenít gotten rich, but Iíve learned a lot. So, when I heard that the position of editor of The Public Eye was open, I could not resist applying.

The Public Eye has been on my regular reading list for years. As a source of information about the activities, ideas, and influence of the Right, itís sometimes been very scaryónot bedtime readingóbut it is also a source of hope, a link with the many like-minded people courageously doing good, progressive work, persisting in even the bleakest of times.

Itís an honor to join the knowledgeable, experienced staff of PRA. Preserving the legacy and high quality of The Public Eye, and the unique service it provides by reporting with accuracy and sophistication on the Right, is a great responsibilityóespecially since The Public Eye is in a transitional period. The potential of the Internet combined with financial pressures are forcing us to evaluate whether printing and mailing the magazine still makes sense; or whether online publication would be more timely, energy-efficient, and inexpensive. The excitement many of us felt at the election of the countryís first Black president has dissipated. The Tea Party movement has people on both the Left and the Right flummoxed. Anti-immigrant organizing has revived traditional American racism and xenophobia.

But no matter what the dayís headlines, and whether itís in this format or another, The Public Eye will continue to publish vital, original research and analysis of the Right: in future issues, you can look for articles about New Orleans five years after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; a follow-up to PRAís report, Globalizing the Culture Wars; a discussion of strategies for the reproductive justice movement since healthcare reform; green jobs and greenwashing; and many others. We also plan more reporting on resistance movementsóthe interview in this issue with Roberto Lovato about the successful Basta Dobbs! campaign to remove the anti-immigrant newscaster Lou Dobbs from CNN is just one example of this focus.

In the face of todayís challenges, itís as important as ever for progressives to understand the opposition; but we must also celebrate and learn from our victories.

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Summer 2010 Edition:

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