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In the sections below you will find many groups, including a few that may not be right-wing in overt philosophy, but which work in coalitions with rightist groups on specific issues such as opposing abortion. For a discussion on not stereotyping or demonizing political adversaries on the right, visit: A List is Just a List.

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    Touring the Right Online

    Before you begin the tour for the first time, take a few minutes to read the following overview.

    What are the Different Sectors of the Right?

    by Chip Berlet & Margaret Quigley
    As the United States slides into the twenty-first century, the major mass movements challenging the bipartisan status quo are not found on the left of the political spectrum, but on the right. The resurgent right contains several strands woven together around common themes and goals. There is the electoral activism of the religious fundamentalist movements; the militant anti-government populism of the armed militia movement; and the murderous terrorism of the neonazi underground--from which the bombing the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City emerged.

    It is easy to see the dangers to democracy posed by vigilante forces such as armed militias, and the extrteme right including neonazis, and racist skinheads. However, hard right forces such as dogmatic religious movements, regressive populism, and White racial nationalism also are attacking democratic values in our country.

    The best known sector of the hard right--dogmatic religious movements--is often called the "Religious Right" It substantially dominates the Republican Party in at least 10 (and perhaps as many as 30) of the 50 states. As part of an aggressive grassroots campaign, these groups have targeted electoral races from school boards to state legislatures to campaigns for the US Senate and House of Representatives. They helped elect dozens of hard-line ultraconservatives to the House of Representatives in 1994. This successful social movement politically mobilizes a traditionalist mass base from a growing pious constituency of evangelical, fundamentalist, charismatic, Pentecostal, and orthodox churchgoers.

    The goal of many leaders of this ultraconservative religious movement is imposing a narrow theological agenda on secular society. The predominantly Christian leadership envisions a religiously-based authoritarian society; therefore we prefer to describe this movement as the "theocratic right." A theocrat is someone who supports a form of government where the actions of leaders are seen as sanctioned by God--where the leaders claim they are carrying out God's will. The central threat to democracy posed by the theocratic right is not that its leaders are religious, or fundamentalist, or right wing--but that they justify their political, legislative, and regulatory agenda as fulfilling God's plan.

    Along with the theocratic right, two other hard right political movements pose a grave threat to democracy: regressive populism, typified by diverse groups ranging from members of the John Birch Society out to members of the patriot and armed militia movements; and White racial nationalism, promoted by Pat Buchanan and his shadow, David Duke of Louisiana.

    The theocratic right, regressive populism, and White racial nationalism make up a hard right political sector that is distinct from and sometimes in opposition to mainstream Republicanism and the internationalist wing of corporate conservatism.

    Finally, there is the militant, overtly racist extreme right that includes the open White supremacists, Ku Klux Klan members, Christian Patriots, racist skinheads, neonazis, and right-wing revolutionaries. Although numerically smaller, the extreme right is a serious political factor in some rural areas, and its propaganda promoting violence reaches into major metropolitan centers where it encourages alienated young people to commit hate crimes against people of color, Jews, and gays and lesbians, among other targets. The electoral efforts of Buchanan and Duke serve as a bridge between the ultraconservative hard right and the extreme right movements. The armed militia movement is a confluence of regressive populism, White racial nationalism, and the racist and antisemitic extreme right.

    All four of these hard right activist movements are antidemocratic in nature, promoting in various combinations and to varying degrees authoritarianism, xenophobia, conspiracist theories, nativism, racism, sexism, homophobia, antisemitism, demagoguery, and scapegoating. Each wing of the antidemocratic right has a slightly different vision of the ideal nation.



    The basic themes of conservatism are to support tradition, hierarchy, and small government.
  • Town Hall -

  • Online community featuring columns from well-known conservative pundits and links to major conservative groups and news.
    Selected Town Hall Members:
    Other Sites:
  • Concerned Women for America  -
  • Eagle Forum  -
  • National Association of Scholars  -
  • NRA Home Page -

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    Ultra-Conservative and Reactionary

    Includes (to various degrees and in various combinations) conscious or unconscious support for white privilege; male supremacy; subservience of women and people of color; hierarchical religious and family structures; the protection of property rights over human rights; preservation of individual wealth; a rapacious form of unregulated free market capitalism; aggressive and unilateral military and foreign policies; and authoritarian and punitive means of social control. They also frequently include opposition to the feminist movement and abortion rights; democratic pluralism and cultural diversity; gay rights; government regulations concerning health, safety, and the environment; and minimum wage laws and union rights. (Adapted from "A Call to Defend Democracy & Pluralism").
  • Buchanan Brigade -
  • Accuracy in Media  -
  • The Conservative Caucus  -

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    Less government is better government. Subsets include economic libertarianism, social libertarianism, civil libertarianism, and anarcho-libertarianism.
  • - "The ultimate e-guide to liberty"
  • Cato Institute - - "Promoting public policy based on individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and peace."

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    Seek Limits on Reproductive Rights 
    (Usually Right but sometimes Left)

  • - News devoted to the pro-life community
  • American Life League
  • National Right to Life Committee -
  • Human Life International
  • LifeLinks

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    Christian Right

  • Christian Coalition -
  • Focus on the Family  -
  • Family Research Council  -
  • Promise Keepers -
  • Rutherford Institute -
  • Gospel Communications Network -
  • Christian Broadcasting Network -
  • Trinity Broadcast Network -


    Challenge the Christian Right and the Religious Right!
    What organizations are fighting for democracy?

    Queer Resource Directory: "The Radical Religious Right" - Compiled by Greg R. Broderick

    Theocratic Web Sites

    The theocratic right's ideal is an authoritarian society where Christian men interpret God's will as law. Women are helpmates, and children are the property of their parents. Earth must submit to the dominion of those to whom God has granted power. People are basically sinful, and must be restrained by harsh punitive laws. Social problems are caused by Satanic conspiracies aided and abetted by liberals, homosexuals, feminists, and secular humanists. These forces must be exposed and neutralized.

    Newspaper columnist Cal Thomas, a long-standing activist in the theocratic right, has suggested that churches and synagogues take over the welfare system "because these institutions would also deal with the hearts and souls of men and women." The churches "could reach root causes of poverty"--a lack of personal responsibility, Thomas wrote, expressing a hard-line Calvinist theology. "If government is always there to bail out people who have children out of wedlock, if there is no disincentive (like hunger) for doing for one's self, then large numbers of people will feel no need to get themselves together and behave responsibly."

  • Chalcedon Foundation
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    Right-Wing Populism
    including Patriot Movement, & Armed Militias)

    For regressive right-wing populism, the ideal is America First ultra-patriotism and xenophobia wedded to economic Darwinism, with no regulations restraining entrepreneurial capitalism. The collapsing society calls for a strong man in leadership, perhaps even a benevolent despot who rules by organically expressing the will of the people to stop lawlessness and immorality. Social problems are caused by corrupt and lazy government officials who are bleeding the common people dry in a conspiracy fostered by secret elites, which must be exposed and neutralized. Regressive populists frequently slide over into white racial nationalism.

    Linda Thompson, was a latter-day Joan of Arc for the patriot movement, representing the most militant wing of regressive populism. She appointed herself "Acting Adjutant General" of the armed militias that formed cells across the United States in the mid-1990s. Operating out of the American Justice Federation of Indianapolis, Thompson's group warned of secret plots by "corrupt leaders" involving "Concentration Camps, Implantable Bio Chips, Mind Control, Laser Weapons," and "neuro-linguistic programming" on behalf of bankers who "control the economy" and created the illegal income tax.

  • Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) -

  • See also:
  • Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership -
  • John Birch Society -
  • Militia of Montana Information Center  -
  • World Wide Christian Radio - Has variety of programs including Christian Right, Patriot, and Extreme Right.

    Challenging the Populist Right

    The Militia Watchdog - (Archive) Compiled by Mark Pitcavage
    Virtual Guided Tour of Regressive Populist Anti-Globalism - Mark Rupert - Syracuse University 


    Eclectic Conspiracist, Apocalyptic, & Millennialist Worldviews
    (From Right to Left)

    While several of the other categories are awash in conspiracy theories, some conspiracist web sites blend Christian, populist, antisemitic, and even leftist conspiracism into an eclectic blend.
  • The Watcher Website  -  -  Antichrist, UFO's and more from a millennialist perspective.
    Debunking Conspiracism and Illogical Thinking
    Resources from PRA
    Center for Millennial Studies -


    Anti-Clinton Websites

    Christian Right

    Jeremiah Project:
    High Crimes and Misdemeanors
    [Clinton, Christian Prophecy, and Secular Humanism]

    The Cutting Edge
    [Clinton, Christian Prophecy, and New World Order]

    Other Sites
    Free Republic
    Right-Wing Populist
    Spawned by Christopher Ruddy

    Christopher Ruddy at NewsMax


    Racial Nationalist Web Sites

    White Racial Nationalism

    The white racial nationalists' ideology oscillates along a continuum from unconscious nationalist ethnocentrism to bullying ultra-patriotic bigotry to vulgar fascism in service of White male supremacy. What separates this sector from the extreme right is that some adherents practice a form of cultural racism rather than the didactic biological racism of the extreme right. Multiculturalism and pluralism are seen as threatening the essence of the nation and civilization itself. Most in this category see culture and nation as immutable.

    In its mildest form White racial nationalism proclaims it is free from prejudice, and willing to treat as equals Jews and people of color. The catch is that everyone has to be willing to behave just like a middle class straight White Christian man who embraces the culture of northern Europe. This is a form of ethnocentric racism, which, albeit not as fierce or objectionable as the views of genetic determinists in race hate groups, is a form of racism nonetheless. It should be noted that the groups listed below all claim to be free from racism.

    In its most extreme form, White racial nationalism supports unilateral militarism abroad and repression at home to force compliance with the needs of the nation. Social problems are seen as caused by uncivilized people of color, lower-class foreigners, and dual-loyalist Jews, who must all be exposed and neutralized.

    Samuel Francis, the prototypical extreme racial nationalist, writes columns warning against attempts to "wipe out traditional White, American, Christian, and Western Culture," which he blames on multiculturalism. Francis's solutions: "Americans who want to conserve their civilization need to get rid of elites who want to wreck it, but they also need to kick out the vagrant savages who have wandered across the border, now claim our country as their own, and impose their cultures upon us. If there are any Americans left in San Jose, they might start taking back their country by taking back their own city....You don't find statues to Quetzalcoatl in Vermont."

  • Council of Conservative Citizens  - (White Christian nationalism)
  • American Renaissance -
    Dept. A, P.O. Box 1674, Louisville, KY 40201; Facsimile: (502) 637-9324; (White Racial Nationalism)
  • Dixie Net - The League of the South - (White southern nationalism)
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform - (Xenophobia)
  • Black Racial Nationalism

  • Nation of Islam -
  • Sites Challenging Racial Nationalism

    Institute for the Study of Academic Racism -

    Foreign Racial Nationalist Web Sites

  • The Vlaams Blok (not in English)
  • Foreign Sites Challenging Racial Nationalism

    Extreme nationalist groups: Nazism Exposed

    Extreme Right Web Sites

    For the extreme right, the ideal is White revolution to overthrow the corrupt regime and restore an idealized natural biological order. Social problems are caused by crafty Jews manipulating inferior people of color. They must be exposed and neutralized. This sector includes the Ku Klux Klan, neonazis, genocidal supremacist groups, the revolutionary right, right-wing terrorists, zealous white racists, Christian Patriots, Christian Identity, and those groups that rewrite the history of the Holocaust in a way that serves as an apology for Hitler or vilifies Jews as deserving of attacks.

    The Truth at Last is a racist extreme right tabloid that features such headlines as "Jews Demand Black Leaders Ostracize Farrakhan," "Clinton Continues Massive Appointments of Minorities," and "Adopting Blacks into White Families Does Not Raise Their IQ," which concluded that "only the preservation of the White race can save civilization....Racial intermarriage produces a breed of lower-IQ mongrel people."

    [Note that Extreme Right sites change frequently]
  • Stormfront - White Nationalist Resource/Forum Page  -  Don Black
  • White Aryan Resistance  -  Tom Metzger  - (neonazi)
  • National Alliance  -  William L. Pierce  - (neonazi)
  • The Spotlight - Liberty Lobby - (fascist populism) (NOW DEFUNCT)
  • David Duke Home Page  -
  • KKK.Com - (referal links to various Klan groups)

  • Sites Challenging the Extreme Right

    "The Lunatic Fringe" collection at the Queer Resource Directory: Compiled by Greg R. Broderick -
    Radio for Peace International's Far Right Web Review -

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