Part One:Two Flawed Theories

Countersubversion Theory and Conspiracist State Repression

The Slippery Slope Theory of Subversion

The Onion-ring Theory of Subversion

Focus on Individual Aberration

Criticism of Centrist/Extremist Theory

Part Two: Government Abuses Bolstered by Flawed Analytical Models

Current Repressive Aspects Of Centrist/Extremist Theory

Liberal & Neoconservative Cooperation with State Repression

Some Examples

The San Francisco Spying Scandal

RICO and Anti-abortion Terrorism

The Patriot and Armed Militia Movements


End Matter

About the Authors

Selected Bibliography

This article originally appeared in Police Misconduct and Civil Rights Law Report
Vol. 5, Nos. 13-14, Jan-Feb., and March-April 1998. Copyright 1998, the West Group.



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