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Minneapolis/St. Paul

December 1, 1969 [Minneapolis1969A: 100-448006-1-8060]

Memorandum from Minneapolis Special Agent in Charge (SAC) confirms FBI use of “racial informants, confidential sources, and police liaison” [emphasis added]. Shows cooperation between federal and local agencies.
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[Minneapolis1969B: 100-449698-911]
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December 11, 1969 [Minneapolis1969C: 100-449698-894]

This set of documents details FBI plans to disrupt the Young Socialist Alliance (YSA) National Conference at the University of Minnesota. Anonymous mailings, along with information provided by informants, are discussed over a three month period from December 1969 through February 1970.
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May 28, 1970 [Minneapolis1970A: Director FBI (100-448006)]

This set of documents highlights FBI efforts to keep the Black Panther Party (BPP) from opening an office in Minneapolis. One operation is suggested and approved. An article written in “The Black Panther” newspaper responding to criminal attacks by individuals alleged to be Black Panthers, the SAC boasts, “is a direct result of counter intelligence activities by the Minneapolis Division directed against the Black Panther Party.”
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March 5, 1970 [Minneapolis 1970B: 100-448006-1706]
The Minneapolis Field Office receives a letter that is found on the floor of a flower shop from an undisclosed source. So as to “thwart the activity of the individuals referred to…in the letter,” an anonymous letter is penned by the FBI to be sent to Black Panther Party (BPP) Headquarters in California. Authorization is granted, and seizing on the relative riskless nature of the operation, FBI Director Hoover passes on suggestions to Chicago and San Francisco as well.
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