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Boston 1968A: 100-449698-5- (10-13-68)

10/13/1968. A teletype memorandum, sent by Boston to New York, Washington and Baltimore Field Offices, summarizes information gathered from FBI infiltration of a National Mobilization Committee to End War in Vietnam (NMC) meeting. Reported on are names of attendees, discussion of NMC plans to demonstrate, and the organization’s financial condition.
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Boston 1968B: 100-449698-5-5

07/03/1968. Complete with appendices, these documents sent to FBI Director Hoover by the Boston Special Agent in Charge (SAC) explain “New Left Activity” on the following Boston-area campuses: Boston University, Brandeis University, Dartmouth College, Franconia College, Harvard College-Radcliffe College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Tufts University, University of Maine, University of New Hampshire, University of Rhode Island, and Williams College. [The documents are organized by campus.]
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Boston 1969A: 100-448006-1429

11/17/1969. A copy of a letter proposed to be sent to the Black Panther Party (BPP) anonymously from the Republic of New Africa, and penned by the Boston Office, is sent to FBI Director Hoover. The FBI’s crude, and not uncommon, technique of using sexuality to create division between Black nationalist groups is exemplified.
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Boston 1969B: 100-449696-5-38

11/06/1969. Enclosed in this memorandum sent to FBI Director Hoover, in its entirety, is a leaflet prepared by the Boston Office. It is ultimately sent to the People’s Liberation Party-Students for a Democratic Society (PLP-SDS) headquarters, underground newspapers, and leading SDS members. The purpose of the leaflet is to emphasize the wealthy background of a leading PLP-SDS member and thus create division in the New Left.
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 Boston 1970A: 100-448006-2148

12/15/1970. Material is prepared by the Boston FBI office in the form of articles and pamphlets and proposed for use in disrupting the Revolutionary People’s Constitutional Convention (RPCC). An article appearing in “The News” and the rough draft of a pamphlet are viewable in the memorandum as they arrived on Director Hoover’s desk.
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Boston 1970B: 100-448006-1977

07/20/1970. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover understands repression by financial means as well. Here he approves an initiative to send anonymous postcards alleging the misuse of donated funds to contributors of Black Panther Party (BPP) and National Committee to Combat Fascism (NCCF).
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Boston 1970C: 100-448006-5-29

07/31/1970. Boston Special Agent in Charge (SAC) explains to FBI Director Hoover collaborative efforts to bring charges against four Harvard Students who were exercising their First Amendment rights in front of University Hall. A plan for continued arrests of these individuals is suggested on Page 2 of the documents.
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Boston 1971A: 100-448006-2209

02/08/1971. Boston Special Agent in Charge (SAC) lists the various organizations and addresses to which another anonymous mailing is sent.
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