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Atlanta 1968A : 100-448006-353
10/30/1968. FBI Director Hoover informs Atlanta Special Agent in Charge (SAC), along with SACs in other Field Offices, of the results of its latest brainstorming session. In particular, Hoover is curious as to how SACs view the introduction of a new slogan with regard to two goals stated on Page 1.
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Atlanta 1969A: 100-448006-1-806
05/08/1969. Unfortunate news for FBI Director Hoover. Photographic material suitable for perpetuating stereotypes of Black nationalists is not available.
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Atlanta 1969B: 100-448006 (1/22/1969)
01/22/1969. In these documents, Atlanta Special Agent in Charge (SAC) details a plan to exacerbate the financial woes of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) using primarily a hand-written, anonymous letter. Authority to carry out the operation is ultimately not granted by Hoover, stating that “the letter will not have sufficient impact upon captioned organization.”

Atlanta 1970A: 100-448006 (12/28/1970)
12/28/1970. FBI Director Hoover disseminates a plan devised by New York Special Agent in Charge (SAC) to other regional SACs, including Atlanta, with the goal of “further [disrupting] an already strained relationship between the BPP and SNCC.”
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