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Democracy (longer quote)

" ‘Democracy’ is like a farm without a farmer, in which the chickens, sheep, cows, horses and pigs form ‘constituencies’ according to Locke, Hobbes, Rousseau or John Stuart Mill. Each constituency is but a collection of beasts, each with special ‘self-interests’ defined as animals might define self interests. The highest level of law in such a democratic animal farm is the ‘social contracts’ among these bestial constituencies.

"The human species is not a collection of chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and so forth. Therefore, ‘pluralism’ and other British notions of ‘democracy’ are fit only for British aristocrats, not for self-respecting human beings such as the citizens of the United States.

"The essence of republican organization, including republican parties, is the mobilization of a majority of the citizens as a conscious force engaged in direct deliberation of the policymaking of the nation, of discovering which policies are in fact currently in the interest of the nation and its posterity. By creating a republican labor party of such trade unionists and ethnic minorities, we shall end the rule of irrationalist episodic majorities, of British liberal notions of ‘democracy.’ "

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. “Creating a Republican Labor Party.” Citizens for LaRouche, undated, circa 1980, p. 12.

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Bigotry toward gays

LaRouche has a history of making statements that reveal great animosity toward gay people, and generally links AIDS to the gay community in ways that are seen as bigoted. He has called for draconian measures against persons with AIDS, and scoffed at civil liberties and civil rights concerns, writing that people who physically attack gay people are merely exercising their civil rights:

"Where did this nonsense come from? Oh, we don’t want to offend the gays! Gays are sensitive to their civil rights; this will lead to discrimination against gays!

"They’re already beating up gays with baseball bats around the country! Children are going to playgrounds, they go in with baseball bats, and they find one of these gays there, pederasts, trying to recruit children, and they take their baseball bats and they beat them up pretty bad. They’ll kill one sooner or later. In Chicago, they’re beating up gays that are hanging around certain schools, pederasts; children go out with baseball bats and beat them up—which is perfectly moral; they have the civil right to do that! It’s a matter of children’s civil rights!"

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., “The End of the Age of Aquarius?" EIR (Executive Intelligence Review), January 10, 1986, p. 40.

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LaRouche has written that history might not judge harshly those who joined lynch-mobs and beat gay people to death with baseball bats to stop the spread of AIDS:

"The lynchers…are a special variety of political revolutionary, and express, spontaneously, the conspiratorial and other ethical characteristics of political revolutionaries….

"Since the idea of touching the person of the carrier is abhorrent, stones and the nadiest approximation of a collection of baseball bats, come to mind. Certain individuals, of known haunts, first suggest themselves as easy targets.

"The point is fast approaching, that increasing portions of these populations will focus upon the fact, that a dead AIDS carrier ceases to be a carrier. If governments were to proceed with repeated mass-screenings of the population, and isolation of carriers, the likelihood of a teenager lynch-mob phenomenon would be small. If not, then other ways of reducing the number of carriers will become increasingly popular.

"In that case, the lynch-mobs might be seen by later generations’ historians, as the only political force which acted to save the human species from extinction."

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., “Teenage Gangs’ Lynchings of Gays is Foreseen Soon,” New Solidarity, February 9, 1987, p. 8.

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" a category, gays and lesbians do not represent a valid voting consituency, and neither do prostitutes, drug pushers, child molesters, warlocks, witches, pornographers, or others who are morally equivalent."

"End Harold Washington's Consistently Disgusting Career," Illinois Tribunal, July 7, 1986, editorial page).

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"Can we imagine anything more viciously sadistic than the Black Ghetto mother?"

Internal memo, "The Politics of Male Impotence," - Lyndon H. LaRouche, writing as Lyn Marcus, New York: NCLC 1973.

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Misrepresenting the existence of a quote revealing anti-Chinese bigotry.

Here is an example of LaRouche simply misrepresenting the facts about his early (and frequently embarrassing) writing. Some corrections have been made to the transcript, and are indicated by [brackets].

LaRouche's Remarks at Middlebury College
November 13, 2003

Here is [the] transcript of Lyndon LaRouche's remarks to Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont, on Nov. 14, 2003. LaRouche was invited to speak by the Middlebury College Democrats.

<Snipped to last question>

Question: It's just a quick question. I was [reading the website of Political Research Associates], and they quoted this internal memo, written by you, personally. And you were quoted as saying, and I quote--this was about the majority of the Chinese people, and you said, quote: "They are [approximating] the lower animal species."

LaRouche: No, they're treated by many, as a lower animal species.

Question: Then, how can anyone, in any regard, read that, and not regard you as a blatant racist?

LaRouche: I think it's a little bit of misquoting going on there. I don't know where you got it from, but it's misquoted.

Question: It's Chip Berlet.

LaRouche: What?

Brand: It's Chip Berlet. It's Political Research Associates.

LaRouche: Oh it's Chip Berlet! Oh, from him! That explains it all! [laughter] He made it up himself.

Question: So you never said it?

LaRouche: No! He made it up.

Question: Okay.

LaRouche: That's the kind of garbage, I think some of you have been afflicted with. [laughter] This guy could never tell the truth.

Here is the text of the section of the article by LaRouche where the quote appears:

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

“What Happened to Integration?”

The Campaigner, (Journal of the National Caucus of Labor Committees), Vol. 8, No. 8, August 1975, pp. 5-40.

“The Maoism Parallel” (pages 26-27)

The, same psychopolitical principles embodied with­in the special cases just cited are demonstrated on a mass scale by the case of Peking’s hideous racism-motivated alliance with Rockefeller.

It is Maoist racism—”Great Han Chauvinism”—which has increasingly determined Peking’s international strategy through two major evolutions over the period of the past decade. The first of these two phases is highlighted by the Lin Piao pronounce­ment of early 1965, in which Peking officially wrote off the working-class movement in the advanced sector as a whole and projected a tidal wave of colonial re­volutions which would ultimately engulf the indus­trialized “cities” of the northern hemisphere. In the second emerging clearly since approximately 1971, Peking’s international perspective has been the pro­vocation of a general thermonuclear war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact forces, with the perspec­tive of subsequent Maoist hegemony over the partially radioactive planet. Both policies, ranged in sequence as successive phases of moral degeneration, are crucial reflected evidence of the sweep of racist “Great Han Chauvinism” throughout China.

There is no mystery concerning the causes for this hideous spectacle. Broadly, the cruel backwardness of China-with its virtually 80-85 per cent rural population chiefly dependent upon brutal forms of labor-intensive production-perpetuates those notorious forms of peasant commune life which have been the basis for “oriental” attitudes of intensive racism and of viewing human life itself as “cheap.” This is an essential objective background part of the clinical problem, but is not decisive in itself. It is the reactionary practices and policies of the Peking regime which are; directly and ultimately principally responsible for actualizing the potential dangers of those objective conditions into the form of prevailing conscious poli­tical tendencies.

The key analytical point to be made in this connection immediately implies the appropriate basis for socialist policies concerning the sickness of racist attitudes and practices.

[bold added to help locate related ideas]

The paranoid personality and lower forms of animal life share a parallel general form of fundamental distinction from actually human personalities. The distinctive feature of lower life, when such animal species are contrasted with humanity, is that the range of behaviourisms of the animal is essentially fixed in correlation with its genetic heritage (even though many of the specific behaviours themselves are not directly genetically determined). Man, by creative discoveries realized as progressive development of his behavior, produces dominant sequences of social evolution for which successive forms of society are qualitatively analogous to the evolution of higher species among lower animal forms.

Hence, that creative mental process which produces such willful evolution is the distinguishing essence of humanity, and the person who focuses upon that feature of his mental life and its practical consequences has a human sense of identity (ego), on which sense of self it is possible for him to develop an appropriate guiding moral structure for his social behavior.

The paranoid, so approximating the lower animal species, is relatively lacking in such sense of human identity and is, to a corresponding degree, incapable of sustaining a stable guiding moral structure for his behavior.

The paranoid state is characteristic of the “village commune’,’ culture. Objectively, the model “oriental village commune” is characterized by the fixing of the mode of production with a rigidity paralleling the behavioral stagnation of lower animal life. Worse, the culture evolved in reconciling the victims of such a dead-end culture to that animal-like state. of “Zero Growth” existence and the paranoid form of the “chains of illusion”-a reaction formation-in which the hideous, dehumanizing oppressiveness of the culture is apotheosized as a virtue. As Karl Marx emphasizes in his denunciation of this hideous village commune form, the victim expresses his sense of self-degradation by worshipping “Hanuman the monkey and Sabbala the cow.”

The relevant anti-human feature of Maoist doctrine is precisely of that form. The moral crisis of China today is not that a predominantly rural population suffers harsh objective circumstances of life. The moral crisis of China is precisely that the reactionary anti-socialist Maoist regime has emulated the most reactionary of pre-capitalist oriental philosophers in professing the regime’s economic failures to be a convergence upon almost an ideal condition. The objective economic failures of the regime are bad enough, but these in themselves would not have produced the counterrevolutionary horrors predominant in today’s China: if the regime admitted those failures and related problems, if it called things by their right name-and did not lie flagrantly-and committed itself to a perspective of capital-intensive, technologically-oriented emergence from the muck of labor-intensive rural backwardness, and if Chinese political cadres fought for the Chinese working-class’ outlook and perspective throughout rural China, the present animal-like world outlook of Peking could not have developed.

What has happened in China during recent years is efficiently understood from the vantage point of the worst horrors which might have occurred to the imaginations of Soviet leaders during the 1924-1930 period, during which a peasant-based counterrevolution remained a grave internal danger. In effect, the Peking regime has embraced such a peasant counter­revolution. All the cognitive and related cultural achievements of capitalist development in music, philosophy, and so forth, are symptomatically denounced as “Western” in favor of the philosophical and cultural ideological relics of pre-1949 China’s long barbarian past. Out of this hideous muck comes first a reactionary, actually counterrevolutionary rejection of the working class of both the Soviet sector and the advanced capitalist sector in the guise of the Lin Piao 1965 theses. Then—since 1971—there appears the bestial risus sardonicus of the brutalized oriental rural peasant village-commune, dripping with the ideological slime of old oriental despotism’s recurring manic-depressive cycles of brief dynastic rises follow­ed by awful decline and decay. This oriental despotic infrastructure, of course, was the Old China up through the time of the Chinese Communists themselves gave the unspeakable Kuomintang the boot—the China of Confucianism, Taoism, “cheap human life,” rural labor-intensive agonies, and hideous chauvinisms. That hideous old crap is now revived and embodied within Peking’s policy...

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