LaRouche, Antisemitism, and German Memory

by Chip Berlet

The international network run by “notorious antisemite” Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. is a major contemporary source of antisemitic and neofascist propaganda.1 Some of this material is promoted by the LaRouchite Schiller Institute, with a major office in Wiesbaden, Germany. Other offices exist in the United States, “ Australia, Canada, Russia, Denmark, France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, [and] Peru.” The Institute claims “a growing influence in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. ”2

The basic worldview of the LaRouchites is that there exists a global sinister conspiracy stretching back to Jewish intellectuals and rabbis during the time of the Babylonian exile; through Venetian Jewish “merchant-userers;” to British plutocratic elites in league with Jewish banking families.

A review of thousands of pages of LaRouchite literature published over several decades reveals that the LaRouchites’ allegations of a conspiratorial plot echo classic anti-Jewish claims published by both well-known and obscure antisemites; including German Nazi propagandists.

The Enemy as the “Children of Satan”

In 2002 the LaRouche campaign issued a press release titled “Israeli Moles Behind 911 and Iraq War,” claiming Israeli government policies had been “foisted on the President by a nest of Israeli agents inside the U.S. government.”3 That this “Israeli spy network inside the United States” 4 was related to the policy formulations of the group of Bush advisers known as the Neoconservatives was made clear later when the LaRouchites began issuing a series of pamphlets with the running title “Children of Satan.”

The magazine-style publications have glossy color covers, and are produced in print runs as high as 400,0005 and distributed on street corners and college campuses across the country. One title in the series is The Beast–Men.6 The text of the series links Bush and Cheney with the political faction of U.S. neoconservatives in language that discusses the role of Jewish intellectuals and Jewish political advisers in stereotypic ways. But there is more to indicate the publications are bigoted in the choice of language.

According to Professor Andrew Gow, a historian with expertise in relations between Christians and Jews, the phrase “ Children of Satan” is rooted in a historic text found in the Bible’s Book of Revelation: “the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.”7 “It has turned up in Christian rhetoric ever since,” says Gow, who studies the history of the medieval and Reformation periods in Europe, especially popular antisemitic beliefs.

The phrase “ Children of Satan” is often used in stories that blame Jews for killing Jesus Christ, or to suggest Jews are deceitful and plotting local crimes and global subversion. Claims about Jews as the "children of Satan" today are most prevalent as a core tenet of the aberrant Christian Identity religion adopted by White Supremacist groups such as Aryan Nations.

Interpreting this passage in the book of Revelation as referring directly to contemporary Jews as "children of Satan" is questionable at best and has been condemned by the Roman Catholic Church and major Protestant denominations, explains Gow.

Gow notes that the phrase “Beast-Men:”

...on the one hand suggests animality and bestiality, part of the 19th-century and Nazi discourse about the relative nearness to the animal kingdom of certain types of people, (especially Africans)... but there is also the echo of the very old apocalyptic figure of the Beast from the Abyss, also from Revelation, along with the Number of the Beast [666] with which the followers of Antichrist will be marked.

The use of such language does not need to quote Scripture or medieval/Christian tradition explicitly or even consciously,” says Gow, because “echoes of the King James version of the Book of Revelation ping around inside the heads of all westerners. [Therefore] the use of such language taps latent patterns of recognition and sources of authority to authorize and authenticate such claims.8

So the LaRouchites are creating an echo chamber. On the one hand, millions of publications have been distributed that teach antisemitic rhetoric and allegations without mentioning Jews directly; while on the other hand those who are already antisemitic nod and because they suspect LaRouche is really talking about the Jews, and can use LaRouche literature as a way to recruit others into naked bigotry. This is true whether or not the continued use of antisemitic language is intentional. The LaRouchites also maintain a significant presence on the Internet, and supporters continuously rewrite Wikipedia entries to sanitize LaRouchite antisemitism and other bigotry.

Embracing the Protocols – Denying the Holocaust

In 1978 LaRouche stated that there was “a hard kernel of truth,” in the antisemitic hoax document, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.9 That same year the LaRouchites published the first edition of their book Dope, Inc. The original edition of Dope, Inc. was subtitled Britain’s Opium War against the U.S., and cited the Protocols, stating:

The Order of Zion was simply the Jewish division of the Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, the London-centered chivalric order and secret society, whose members swear—and act on—a blood oath. A secret meeting in Paris in 1884 yielded the famous minutes of the Order, published under the title, Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

This alleged Jewish conspiracy was then tied into the assassination of Lincoln, the Rothschild banking family, the freemasons, the B’nai B’rith, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Mafia.10Dope, Inc. purported to expose the roots of a global drug trade supposedly run by the British royal family (including the Queen of England) and a nest of financiers controlled by the Rothschilds. The LaRouchite book included a chart showing the alleged role of the Rothschilds in the global conspiracy, along with mentions of the Rothschild family on over 20 pages of text. Subsequent editions dropped the mention of the Protocols.

In 1978, LaRouche penned a newspaper article in which he asserted that only 1.5 million Jews died during the Nazi genocide during World War II.

Jewish Venetian Usurers

According to LaRouchites, these the conspiracy of merchant-userers from ancient times later implemented the grand conspiracy from Venice, the Netherlands, and Britain.

LaRouche himself traces the grand conspiracy back to the Jewish leader Ezra during the time of the Babylonian captivity:

“From Ezra onwards, and even before, Hebrewism was an assimilationist doctrine developed to provide special juridical status (and ideological self-image) for a caste of merchant-userers within a pre-capitalist society.”

In 1981 one of LaRouche’s key analysts, Webster Tarpley, delivered an Easter Sunday speech at a LaRouchite Conference near Wiesbaden, Germany, where he said that during “ one and one-half millennia of Venetian continuity” the Venetian “ oligarchical families” used governments as “their stooge.”

In the Middle Ages the Venetians were known as the archetypes of the parasite, the people who "neither sow nor reap." For the Greeks, they were the hated "frogs of the marshes." In Germany, a folk tale describes the merchant of Venice as an aged Pantaloon who makes his rounds robbing men of their human hearts and leaving a cold stone in their place.

Venice can best be thought of as a kind of conveyor belt, transporting the Babylonian contagions of decadent antiquity smack dab into the world of modern states.

This speech, in Germany with the memory of the Holocaust fading, invokes both the central premise of the parasitic Jew found in the antisemitic Protocols. It certainly would have resonated on Easter Sunday in Germany with anyone who still harbored notions of the Jews as the Killers of Christ.

Writing in Fidelio, the magazine of the Schiller Institute, Tarpley wrote in 1995 that:

The British royal family of today typifies the Venetian Party, and continues the outlook and methods of an oligarchical faction which can be traced far back into the ancient world. Oligarchs identify wealth purely in money, and practice usury, monetarism, and looting at the expense of technological advancement and physical production.

The German Nazi publication World Service offered a similar analysis in a 1940 article entitled “How Jewry Turned England into a Plutocratic State”:

… the destinies of Jewry and the British Empire are bound up in each other, inseparably bound, by what has become a Jewish-British Plutocracy.


LaRouchite literature is antisemitic because it incorporates historic antisemitic conspiracy theories into a broader grand design. It also contains echoes of the medieval “blood libel” and other false allegations casting Jews in the role of parasitic subversives and conspiring criminals undermining wholesome society and seeking global domination.

That the LaRouchite grand conspiracy includes alleged evil-doers who are not Jewish does make it any less antisemitic since it incorporates antisemitic and anti-Jewish allegations and calumnies that stretch back over 2000 years.

For Germany to continue to ignore the fact that a major international antisemitic propaganda enterprise run by the LaRouchites has a major base on German soil once again raises question about the memory of the Nazi Genocide. Germans have an historic obligation to act on that memory, and in the past have done so repeatedly. Why the LaRouchites are not subject to the same moral outrage deserves a full public discussion.

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Historic Antisemitic Conspiracism

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Chip Berlet is Senior Analyst at Political Research Associates in Somerville, MA, USA. The views expressed here are his own. A revised and expanded version of this study is online at:

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