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Right-Wing Firms Train Public Servants on Terror Threats

PRA Report Shows Tax Money Being Used to Promote Official Islamophobia

Counter-terrorism Firms That Scapegoat Muslims

From Thomas Cincotta's Forthcoming PRA Report:

Thomas Cincotta’s forthcoming report profiles three key counter-terrorism firms offering highly politicized, biased seminars and industry conferences, in their capacity as quasi-official voices against the influence of “radical Islam” in American society:

1. Security Solutions International, LLC (SSI) is a Florida-based privately held company that takes an aggressive, entrepreneurial approach to spreading an anti-Muslim agenda. PRA attended SSI’s 5th Annual Homeland Security Professionals Conference in Las Vegas this October. SSI claims to have trained more than seven hundred law enforcement agencies. It produces the glossy Counter Terrorist magazine, which claims an initial subscription base of 15,000 and exposure to 65,000 homeland security professionals. Remarkably, although SSI stands at the forefront of fear-mongering about Islam and Muslim Americans, the Department of Homeland Security has officially approved SSI’s counter-terrorism training in Israel.

SSI called the conference a “central event in the First Responder calendar.” DHS was listed as a Silver Sponsor of the conference, where participants heard SSI President Henry Morgenstern and David Gaubatz, the author of Muslim Mafia International, rant about alleged “Muslim Brotherhood infiltration” of the United States through front organizations that allegedly provide financial and ideological support to terrorists, influence politicians, and stifle the truth through litigation against hate crimes.

2. The Counter Intelligence Centre (CI Centre) functions as a training academy and speakers’ bureau in the D.C. beltway. Here, veteran cold warriors mingle with a new breed of Muslim converts and terrorism pseudo-experts to propagandize about Global Jihadi Threat Doctrine—a conspiracy theory that renders all Muslims suspect and replaces the Soviet threat with a new existential, permanent threat from Islam. CI Centre’s high-profile faculty garner media attention as experts, and forge connections with senior officials and a network of neoconservative foundations, many of whom join the Centre on its annual Spy Cruise.

3. International Counter Terrorism Officers Association (ICTOA) is a nonprofit founded by New York Police Department officers. The ICTOA gives speakers a pulpit to address a cross section of law enforcement. At this year’s convention, Walid Shoebat gave a five-hour keynote speech peppered with vignettes of rape, gutting, beheading, burning, and killing of victims by Muslims, whom Shoebat alleges are all violent. Shockingly, not a single one of the hundred fusion-center analysts, sheriffs, police, or military personnel in attendance questioned any of Shoebat’s theses. The same conference included speakers from the FBI’s New York Field Office and the federal Terrorism Screening Center with Steven Landman of the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT). IPT is led by Steve Emerson, a former freelance journalist who has been repeatedly criticized for producing faulty analyses and having a distinctly anti-Islamic agenda.

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