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Coalition on Revival update

Sunnyvale, California After a long silence, Jay Grimstead, director of the Coalition on Revival, has resurfaced. Grimstead appeared at a series of fundraising meetings in southern California on behalf of what he terms the "Church Council Steering Committee." The committee's goal is to study 21 issues central to Christian Reconstructionist theology. Basically, the 21 issues constitute the full Christian Reconstructionist doctrine.

Grimstead was also pitching for funds to pay the salary of Eugene Clingman, newly appointed administrator of the Church Council Project.

In a related matter, a group called Reel to Real Ministries is selling a two-videotape, four-hour series called "God's Law and Society." Featuring 16 prominent Christian Reconstructionists, the producers say that the series of lessons will "help you form a comprehensive biblical worldview on God's Law." Topics include: Are we under God's law or grace?; How does Old Testament Law apply today?; Can we legislate morality?; What about the separation of church and state?; Was America founded as a Christian nation?; and What would a Christian America look like?

Look for our video review in the next Freedom Writer.

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