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Christian Coalition in a mess

Chesapeake, Virginia The Christian Coalition continues its downhill slide. After Ralph Reed left as executive director, Pat Robertson hired Don Hodel and Randy Tate to replace him. Hodel quit last year and Tate got demoted. In November, Tate quit.

Now the company the Christian Coalition uses for its direct mail fundraising is suing the coalition. Stephen Winchell, of Stephen Winchell & Associates, says his company helped the Christian Coalition raise more than $7 million, and that the group has owed him almost $400,000 since last spring. "It's shocking," he said, "we've been wronged here."

According to Winchell, internal turmoil has hurt the Christian Coalition. Even Pat Robertson admitted that the coalition is in "quite a mess."

Meanwhile, the Christian Coalition is looking for office space in northern Virginia, ostensibly to be closer to the nation's capital.

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