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Sheldon takes casino cash

Anaheim, California The Rev. Lou Sheldon and his son Steve have admitted to taking thousands of dollars from the gambling industry. Since 1993, the gaming industry secretly transferred at least $156,000 to Steve Sheldon. Sheldon said he took the money to organize churches in a grassroots effort to stop card clubs from being approved. Sheldon serves as legal consultant for his father's organization, the Traditional values Coalition.

An additional $20,000 in casino cash went directly to Rev. Sheldon. He said he used the money for anti-gambling lobbying. In his defense, Rev. Sheldon said, "The devil had the money long enough. It was about time we got our hands on it." He also admitted that he received $10,000 in consulting fees from Nevada casinos last year to fight tribal gambling casinos.

A gambling consultant, Charles G. "Jerry" Westlund Jr., said that he hired Steve Sheldon and the Traditional Values Coalition to stir up communities that might approve card clubs.

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