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Born-againers lean toward Bush, Dole

An early poll shows that Texas governor George W. Bush is favored among Christian voters. The poll, conducted by conservative Christian pollster George Barna, showed that Elizabeth Dole is also highly regarded.

"Governor Bush is the current favorite among Christian Republicans, with Mrs. Dole well-regarded" according to Barna. "Vice President Quayle is well-liked by six out of ten Christian Republicans, but also has the second-highest negative rating among the group."

Barna expressed surprise that Gary Bauer, an associate of James Dobson, didn't have more recognition and support among born again Christians. Barna said that he expects that Bush's ratings will level off by winter.

While Barna estimates that there are about 68 million born again Christian voters in the United States, "Christians are not a monolithic Republican machine, as the myth of the 'religious right' sometimes suggests." In fact, he said that "only 39 percent are mostly conservative on political and social issues."

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