IFAS | Freedom Writer | May/June 1999 | uscinski.html

Buchanan snatches Coalition director

Commentator and presidential candidate Pat Buchanan recently appointed Shelly Uscinski to head his primary campaign in New Hampshire. In accepting the position, Uscinski stepped down from her position as chairperson of the New Hampshire Christian Coalition.

Buchanan won the Republican primary in New Hampshire in 1996 with 27 percent of the vote among a vast field of candidates. Uscinski was a Buchanan delegate to the 1996 Republican convention in San Diego.

"It's really an emotional thing with me," Uscinski said. "I was offered a lot of money to work on other campaigns. Forbes and others. But when you think about who you want as a leader, and who we have right now.I really think Pat Buchanan is the best man to wipe that slate clean."

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