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Father of Christian Reconstruction speaks

Over the years, Freedom Writer has reported on Christian Reconstruction and its founder, Rousas John Rushdoony. Christian Reconstructionists believe that all law and society should be based upon their narrow interpretation of the Bible. While supporters of church-state separation have ardently opposed the political agenda of the Reconstructionists, Rushdoony said in an interview that his greatest adversaries are Christians.

"I would say that nine-tenths of the hostility to me has come from within the church. Even when it has come from without, it has relied upon church sources. Christianity Today, because of its importance to secular media, set the temper. Nine-tenths of what they use against me comes from Christianity Today."

In an interview with the quarterly publication, Contra Mundum, Rushdoony also revealed that the actor and former talk show host, Morton Downey Jr., is a graduate of the former Valley Christian University. Rushdoony used to be affiliated with the school, which was put out of business by California's state accreditation committee.

He said Downey, then known as Sean Downey because his father was also Morton Downey, was "very intense and idealistic," and had become "intensely involved in the pro-life movement." "After a while," Rushdoony said, "Downey broke with them because if anything against abortion passed, they had to originate it and they had to get credit for it." "His attitude was," Rushdoony continued, "that these so-called Christian groups were only interested in having power and protecting their turf. They want a lifelong job fighting abortion they don't want to eliminate it. And he was not far wrong in some cases."

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