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Our July/August 1998 Quote of the Month was: "I object to the promotion of the homosexual and lesbian lifestyle as being acceptable when it violates the Judeo-Christian Bible. I believe the Bible says a homosexual and lesbian lifestyle is wrong, and God pronounced the death penalty upon them." Rev. Ron Killingsworth of Wichita Falls, Texas

In response, we received email from Christi Killingsworth Guest. She wrote, "I'm the lesbian daughter of the man you quoted." In further correspondence, she added, "I've enjoyed your web site very much and obviously have a keen interest in the subjects you address. I have an intense fear of the Religious Right because I have seen how intimidating zealous 'believers' can be."

IFAS national director Skipp Porteous predicts that the following Religious Right presidential candidates will go nowhere:

  • Gary Bauer - former head of Family Research Council
  • Sen. Bob Smith - U.S. Senate (R-NH)
  • Pat Buchanan - talk show host
  • Dan Quayle - former Vice-President
  • Alan Keyes - commentator

The Pastor's Weekly Briefing is a weekly newsletter for ministers published by Focus on the Family. Ministers receive the newsletter by fax every Thursday evening. Highly partisan and political, the newsletter is intended to be a source of information for ministers' Sunday morning sermons. Focus on the Family confirmed this in a February "Special Report." Based on a recent Pastor's Weekly Briefing reader's survey, two-thirds of the respondents said they use the newsletter for sermon preparation.

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