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Churches have a duty to be politically active

Washington, DC An article in the February issue of Washington Watch, a publication of the Family Research Council, a spin-off of Focus on the Family, claims that churches have a duty to be politically active.

"Nations grow from foundational belief systems," writes the Rev. Wallace Henley, "which, if altered, necessarily redefine the nation. This process is now underway in the United States. If this process continues, the nation may mutate from the noble dame of liberty into a serpent-headed hag. The Church is vital to the halting of this devolution and must respond to her responsibility in the formation of a national mindset."

Henley, who is senior pastor of The Encourager Church in Houston, is a former White House aide. He recommends several actions for churches to take to influence politics.

"First, leaders must assume their responsibility for forming the Biblical mind. Second, churches must confront the national mind." He explains, "Acquiescence to abortion on demand is neither a legal or political issue. Abortion, sexuality, and many other topics in the current national debate are moral and spiritual matters. Churches must find ways to assert Biblical values on these issues in the public square."

Henley concludes, "It is appropriate for churches to inform parishioners of the Biblical perspective on such public policy concerns. Churches must not act in a partisan way, but they should equip and send people into the political process at all levels who will represent the interests of the Kingdom of God."

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