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Gay bombshell?

Tupelo, Mississippi The Rev. Donald Wildmon states: "a pro-homosexuality bombshell has been fired into our children's elementary schools." The American Family Association (AFA) founder is talking about a film titled, "It's Elementary: Talking About Gay Issues in Schools." Produced by Helen Cohen and Debra Chasnoff, the first-rate film teaches diversity and tolerance.

Wildmon says the film "is designed to accomplish three goals: subvert our children's innocence; turn them from the beliefs and values you hold dear; and indoctrinate them with false moral teachings."

In response to "It's Elementary," Rev. Wildmon is exercising his right to free speech by producing his own film, "Suffer the Children," "to give our children the TRUTH about homosexuality." He is attempting to raise $250,000 to cover the production and distribution of the film to 165,000 churches and 64,735 elementary schools.

Wildmon claims that the AFA has over a million supporters. If this is true, Wildmon shouldn't have any trouble raising the money he needs for the film. "This," he said, "is a pro-active way to counteract the confusion spread by radical elements within the homosexual community."

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