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Ralph Reed scores three out of four

In the September Freedom Writer we listed some of Ralph Reed's clients through his political consulting company, Century Strategies. Among them were Governor Fob James of Alabama; Sen. Richard Shelby, of Alabama; Sen. Paul Coverdale, of Georgia; and Rep. Jay Dickey, of Arkansas.

At that time, we asserted that Gov. James faced a possible defeat. He, indeed, lost. His loss was also a big defeat for Ralph Reed. In other races, we correctly predicted an easy victory for Sen. Shelby and Rep. Jay Dickey.

In Sen. Paul Coverdale's tight race, Reed pulled off a victory. Coverdale's reelection bid was an important one, particularly since Reed needed to win this one in order to bolster his credibility.

It is widely acknowledged that Ralph Reed hopes to manage the campaign for the Republican presidential nominee in the 2000 election. Even with a generally poor Republican showing in 1998, Reed's outlook still looks pretty good.

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