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NACE/CEE opposes school choice

Costa Mesa, California According to the National Association of Christian Educators/Citizens for Excellence in Education, "The Wisconsin Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of a program allowing up to 15,000 low-income parents in the Milwaukee school district to attend [sic] the religious or nonsectarian school of their choice with a $4,400 voucher from the state.

"This ground-breaking decision in favor of vouchers for religious schools will have a tremendous impact on school choice cases pending in Arizona, Maine, Ohio (where Cleveland parents are currently exercising their option while the case is on appeal), and Vermont....

"While CEE has always supported vouchers for private schools, and most conservatives are lauding this decision as a tremendous victory, we are concerned about the purity of the program.

"According to attorney Herb Titus, the Milwaukee law requires that religious and secular education must be separated in a religious school (defeating the ability to provide a comprehensive, integrated faith curriculum); participating schools cannot discriminate in admissions, using religious criteria to protect the peer exposure; and families choosing religious schools can opt out of religious education."

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