IFAS | Freedom Writer | December 1998 | crabb.html

Un-Christian protests at church

Lincoln, Nebraska Dr. Winston Crabb sits on the board of Westminster Presbyterian Church. This has angered antiabortion protesters because Dr. Crabb also performs abortions.

For almost two years, antiabortionists have picketed the church regularly. The demonstrations have gotten so severe that some families have left the church, claiming that their children were confronted with protesters screaming, "You're lucky Dr. Crabb didn't abort you!," and "You go to church with murderers."

The situation got so tense that the church hired a lawyer to present an antipicketing ordinance to the city council. The proposal was rebuffed by the city's attorney, saying that if it passed he wouldn't defend it, because it violated free speech.

As a concession, Rescue the Heartland, the group leading the protests, said they would demonstrate in front of another entrance to the church, where children wouldn't be exposed to them and their photos of aborted fetuses.

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