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AFA offers online porn protection

Tupelo, Mississippi The American Family Association (AFA) has joined the fray to "protect" people from indecent material on the Internet. American Family Online (AFO) is an Internet service provider designed by the AFA to "protect" viewers from pornography.

AFO blocks over 500,000 Internet porn sites. They say new porn sites are being added to the Internet at the rate of 300-500 a day. Checking out all these new sites keeps the staff at the AFA quite busy.

The AFA charges $23.95 a month for an Internet connection, considerably more than most Internet service providers. However, they say that "10% of your membership fee will be returned to a preapproved ministry of your choice."

Earlier this year, another group, Cyber Patrol, introduced a program that filtered out hate groups on the Internet. Because of its rabid antigay content, the American Family Association fell victim to the Cyber Patrol program.

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