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Y2K: a Jewish conspiracy?

LaPorte, Colorado In his latest newsletter (Vol. 3, 1998) Christian Identity minister Pete Peters blasts "Judeo Christian fear profiteer ministers" for spreading the latest "fear fad," the Y2K computer problem. Quoting from a number of computer magazines, Peters claims that the Y2K problem is a hoax that will amount to nothing.

Peters blames Christian Reconstructionist Gary North and other Christians for spreading false propaganda. "Where do the so-called Y2K experts get their information?," Peters asks rhetorically. "From the enemies of Christianity and our country ... 'God's Chosen People.'"

Peters may be correct about the extent of the Y2K problem, but in his opinion, Jews are spreading propaganda through gullible Christians in order to cause a run on the banks in 1999, which will lead the government to confiscate our cash. He said this is what the Jews did with gold after the 1929 stock market crash.

Peters also noted that Gary North has a toll-free number to sell a "Y2K Preparation, Protection and Survival Kit" for $599.

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