IFAS | Freedom Writer | November 1998 | y2kads.html

Y2K ads abound

El Cajon, California The conservative Christian Y2K crisis continues to spread like wildfire. Y2K represents the year 2000, when some think that crashing computers will cause economic and industrial chaos. Several display ads in the October issue of the Southern California Christian Times cash in on the hysteria. One ad asks, "Is Your Pantry Y2K Compliant?" The company, Alpine Aire Gourmet Reserves, offers packaged foods with a 5 to 10 year shelf life.

A similar ad states, "It's time to make prudent preparations! Difficult Days Ahead." Simpler Life Emergency Provisions, "Equipping the Body of Christ Since 1981," offers food and water storage, shelter supplies, medical kits, and sanitation supplies to families, churches, businesses and schools.

Another ad features lecturer Eric Nasby, who addresses the Y2K problem from "a Christian, biblical perspective." Nasby charges $30 at the door for family admission, which includes "a comprehensive outline and resource detailing what you need to do to be prepared."

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