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Reed wows CNP members

Chicago, Illinois On October 2 and 3, 1998, the Council for National Policy met behind closed doors at the Fairmont Hotel. Ralph Reed, former executive director of the Christian Coalition, now a political consultant with Century Strategies, an Atlanta-based company he established, spoke on "How Republicans Can Keep Their Majority in 1998." Here are some highlights from his address.

"I really want to salute you and this organization and what the people in this room have done to change the country for the better over the last decade or fifteen years. I started coming to CNP meetings when I was twelve years-old. [laughter] I really learned at the feet of so many in this room," the boyish Reed said.

"This is a nation of good and decent and honest people who love the Lord and our nation, and who want to see it restored to those values." On the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, Reed said, "I believe God can bring victory out of this tragedy."

Reed offered his prediction on the Middle East peace talks. "I think Clinton is going to structure a phony Middle East peace accord, probably with a Camp David-like handshake on the South Lawn on October 15th."

Optimistic that the Republicans could win a 60 seat, filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, 10 to 30 seats in the House, and 39 governorships, Reed summarized his three-part conservative Republican strategy. First, he said that conservatives must go forward with a bold agenda, which includes lower taxes, abolishing the National Endowment for the Arts, and building up the military. Second, conservatives must answer the attacks from the liberals. "We should answer when attacked and leave no attack unanswered." Third, Reed said that conservative Republicans must stay united.

Reed complained that moderate Republicans won primaries where conservative Republicans should have won. "We had a lot of primaries this year that we lost," Reed said. "By 'we,' I mean conservatives; Republican primaries that we lost. We've got to win primaries. We're not going to turn around Congress if we don't win primaries." In conclusion Reed said, "What we have found in the nation is that nothing can fill what Pascal called a God-shaped vacuum that is in every person's soul, except a personal relationship with their Maker and ordering their life according to His plan and His values. That's what this nation was founded to do."

"I believe," Reed continued, "that based on the information that the surveys show, that the way the American people are heading, that there's a very good chance that millions of people are waking up and that America may be finally coming home. So, be careful what you pray for, because some of you may be called to run. If you are, let me know. We'll be glad to help you."

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