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CNP associate runs for state senate

Frederick, Maryland In September, Alex Mooney, past vice-president of CNP Action, Inc., the lobbying arm of the secretive Council for National Policy, won a lopsided victory in the Republican primary for state senate. With 63% of the votes, Mooney, 27, easily defeated four-term Republican incumbent, Jack Derr.

Mooney exploited the fact that Derr voted against banning so-called "partial birth abortions." Mooney also raised $78,000 before the primary, half of which came from 200 people living outside of Virginia. Many of these donors are also members of the Council for National Policy.

The Council for National Policy is headed by Morton Blackwell, who also founded and heads the Leadership Institute, which offers training seminars to conservative candidates. Mooney said he attended several of Blackwell's seminars. Blackwell also sent out a fundraising letter on Mooney's behalf.

During the CNP's gathering last May in Tyson's Corner, Virginia, Ed Meese, Phyllis Schlafly, Woody Jenkins, and Oliver North hosted a reception for Mooney.

The Council for National Policy consists of about 500 conservative political, religious, and business leaders. The group holds closed-door meetings three times a year.

Alex Mooney's candidacy and his backing from nationally known conservatives was featured on the front page of The Frederick Gazette on September 24, 1998. The Institute for First Amendment Studies provided the paper with CNP's current membership list, and explained the significance of the clandestine organization.

The December Freedom Writer will publish the final outcome of this race. Mooney's Democrat opponent is 54-year-old Ron Bird.

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