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Bauer claims a 'drive to silence us'

Writing in the October 16 edition of Pastor's Weekly Briefing, Family Research Council president Gary Bauer complained that columnist Frank Rich of The New York Times accused FRC of "'stirring up the fear that produces hate' toward homosexuals."

In an article titled "The Drive to Silence Us," Bauer says that "Rich's column attacks the ad campaign FRC has cosponsored that suggests homosexuals can leave the gay lifestyle." Bauer continues:

"Do not miss what is at stake here. The [Matthew] Shepard crime is heinous and universally condemned by all people of good will. But Rich and his allies in the liberal media do not have concern for this young man and his family in mind. In fact, they are ignoring the pleas of Matthew Shepard's father not to use the incident to advance an 'agenda.'

"They have two aims: one is to isolate, marginalize and silence the voices of religious conservatives in the public square; the second is to crush all opposition to the political agenda of the homosexual lobby for special rights, for same-sex marriage and for homosexual education in the schools.

"Rest assured that FRC will continue to speak the 'Truth in Love' and to confront the homosexual agenda," Bauer concluded.

In September, Gary Bauer told the Freedom Writer that he is praying about seeking the Republican nomination for the presidency of the United States, and in December he may announce his intention to run.

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