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Blackwell on the Council for National Policy

The Freedom Writer asked Morton Blackwell, the Council for National Policy's (CNP) executive director, "What is the significance of the Council for National Policy in the conservative movement?"

"CNP is an educational foundation which is a membership organization," Blackwell said. "We have three meetings a year where conservatives come and hear excellent speakers and exchange information at the three-times sessions.

"I know that there are those who suggest that there is somebody directing the organization and telling everybody how to do his work. This is patently absurd. You really ought to know enough to know that if you have an organization that has a large number of organizational entrepreneurs who have built up their own organizations, and they're fiercely independent, nobody's going to tell them what to do. This is information exchange, an educational organization.

"Since I'm executive director of it, I would think it's very significant."

The Institute for First Amendment Studies is the only organization that consistently reports on the activities of the secretive Council for National Policy (see our CNP unofficial home page at www.ifas.org/cnp).

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