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What's Ralph up to?

Ralph Reed left the Christian Coalition to start Century Strategies, in an effort to elect 100 Religious Right "pro-family, pro-faith, pro-free enterprise" candidates to Congress over the next 10 years. Reed's Atlanta-based political consulting organization has 27 candidate-clients for various state and national offices in the fall elections. Reed's performance this year may determine whether he gets to run the 2000 Republican presidential nominee's campaign.

Some of Reed's high-profile Republican candidates running for reelection include: Governor Fob James, Jr., of Alabama; Sen. Richard Shelby, of Alabama; Sen. Paul Coverdale, of Georgia; and Rep. Jan Dickey, of Arkansas.

  • Governor Fob's Democrat opponent is Lt. Gov. Don Siegelman. The race will be close, with a very possible Fob defeat.

  • Sen. Shelby's race against a novice will probably translate into an easy victory for Reed.

  • Sen. Coverdale faces a tough battle against Democrat Michael Coles. Reed needs to win this one.

  • Rep. Dickey is expected to win reelection.

Other Reed candidates include: Gary Hofmeister, running for Congress against incumbent Rep. Julia Carson of Indiana; and House of Representatives candidate Gex "Jay" Williams of Kentucky. Pols give Hofmeister little chance of victory. Williams faces an uphill battle. A victory would be a major boost for Reed.

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