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Mullins files suit

Pittsfield, Massachusetts Having recently won a libel suit (read the story here), Skipp Porteous, national director of IFAS, faces another court battle in a related case. The plaintiff, Eustace Mullins, is seeking $34 million in damages from Porteous and two co-defendants. The co-defendants are the Rev. Carol Szulc, a United Methodist minister, and John Vosburgh, director of the Lenox Community Center.

In 1996, Eustace Mullins, a well-known Holocaust denier, was invited to speak in South Berkshire County by local residents. Several community leaders contacted the Institute for First Amendment Studies for background information on Mullins. As a result, a local controversy developed and Mullins ended up speaking in the home of Andrew Sansone, one of the group's members.

Porteous wrote an article about Mullins' Berkshire County sponsors in Berkshire Jewish Voice. Subsequently, Sansone sued Porteous and the Jewish Federation of the Berkshires for libel. The defendants won that suit earlier this year.

Now, Mullins claims that Skipp Porteous, Carol Szulc, and John Vosburgh conspired to prevent him from speaking, thus denying him his First Amendment rights. Mullins also claims that the "defendants willfully and knowingly fabricated this assault upon Plaintiff with the expectation that the severe shock would prove too much for his fragile health, and would inevitably cause a fatal stroke or heart attack."

In October 1996, Mullins sued The Berkshire Eagle for $10 million for conspiring to violate his right to free speech. The outcome of that case is pending.

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